To Which Destinations Can You Fly From a Specific Airport?


Have you ever looked for a map with all the destinations and routes, that are served from a specific airport? While many airports publish a flight plan on their website, they usually don’t show a nice map with all the flights. Luckily, there are at least two ways to find detailed information for every airport on earth on the internet!

What is this good for? You could be looking for a new travel destination from your city’s airport, want to check if there are flights to a city close to your destination, to which the flights might be cheaper, want to know which airlines serve a certain route…


You can see all the destinations that are served by an airport on Flightradar24 since 2017. On every airport’s webpage, there is a tab labeled Routes, which shows you a list all the planned non-stop flights of the next seven days, as well as a map:

Flightradar24 Airports Routes CGN
All destinations, that are flown to from Cologne/Bonn in the next 7 days, on one map (Screenshot:

On that map, you can click on the destinations and will then get a list of the exact flight numbers, departure times, and weekdays of all the flights to that destination (even the airplane type is shown):

Flightradar24 Airports Routes CGN-STN
List of all flights from Cologne/Bonn to London-Stansted in the next week (Screenshot:

You can also get a table with all the flights to all destinations:

Flightradar24 Airports Routes CGN Tabelle
Table with all the flights during the next 7 days (Screenshot:

The only downside: There currently isn’t a way to get past or future connections. This only works for the next seven days. Also, you cannot filter the results, e.g. for a specific airline. Maybe Flightradar will add such features at some point.

Not as detailed, but similar to Flightradar24, has a map with all the destinations:

All destinations from Cologne/Bonn (Screenshot:, however, does not state where they get their data, and if it is actually up to date. is similar to FlightDiary or my.Flightradar, meaning that it is actually meant for users to save their personal flight history. This gives them a big database with many details on the flight routes.

Directly on their homepage, you’ll be shown a map with the flights that were recently added. On the bottom right there’s a search field where you can enter a city, airport, or airline: Airport Routes CGN
All destinations to/from Cologne/Bonn (Screenshot:

The database, however, does not seem to be up to date. You will quickly find that many current flights are missing. Also, e.g. they still show flights from airlines that no longer exist, such as Air Berlin.

You can also see a table with all routes:

OpenFlights Airport Routes CGN Tabelle
A table with all the flights from Cologne/Bonn (Screenshot: does not show the exact flight times or numbers but does show the airline, distance, time, and airplane type. You can also filter the results by airline:

OpenFlights Airport Airline Routes AB CGN
All routes from Cologne/Bonn with Air Berlin, showing how out of date this database sadly is (Screenshot:

You can even download the entire database. It is available under the Open Database License, which also allows using and modifying the data. The database, however, has not been updated since 2014.


Especially the English Wikipedia version tends to have a list of all the destinations that airports serve (e.g. for Paris CDG). Often they even show future routes: CGN
Airlines and destinations on Wikipedia for Cologne/Bonn (Screenshot:


After OpenFlights has become hopelessly out of date, Flightradar24 has become a great alternative. The only thing missing on Flightradar24 is a way to filter by airline. Maybe it will be added in the future.

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  1. Keith says:

    Thank you, this was very helpful. And it confirmed my suspicion that OpenFlights is (unfortunately) not trustworthy because its dataset is so old. That’s a pity.

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