Qatar Airways’ QSuite: Inexpensive Ways to Fly in the World’s Best Business Class

Qatar Airways QSuite

Flying in one of the best business class products in the world, at least once in a lifetime? For many aviation enthusiasts, this is definitely a dream. We are talking about Qatar AirwaysQSuite. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the ways to fly cheaply in the Qsuite. Please note, however, that the aircraft can be exchanged at any time. So you have to hope for some luck.

To Doha With Avios via the BA Executive Club

In the BA Executive Club, we want to use zone 3 of the zone-based award chart in a targeted manner in order to pay as few Avios as possible for the business class flight. Zone 3 applies to distances between 1,200 and 2,000 miles. With the help of Greatcirclemapper, we were able to find out that departures from Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, and Istanbul fall exactly into this range. But not every business class flight from Qatar offers the Qsuite. To the best of our knowledge, the Qsuite is only available from Istanbul (QR240) and partially from Athens (QR204).

If you rate an Avios at 1 euro cent, then 22,000 Avios + € 146.34 are the most efficient redemption (≈ € 365) for a one-way flight. However, if you don’t have enough Avios, you can also reduce the Avios share and then fly for only 12,100 Avios + € 261.34 (≈ € 381).

The normal price for the round trip route is €1,534. This means that around €767 is due per direction. So, you’d save at least 50% this way.

If you only want to test the Qsuite in one direction, you can also book one of the flights in Economy Class. But a paid ticket makes more sense (e.g. with Pegasus from Doha to Düsseldorf for around €170).

To Doha With Asia Miles

Another inexpensive way to fly in the Qsuite is with Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific‘s frequent flyer program. In the Short zone, you can fly to destinations up to 2,750 miles away. This opens up the possibility of traveling from Central/Eastern Europe, e.g. from Berlin or Munich. At the moment, there seem to be only a few uses of the Qsuite in the two cities. However, it can be assumed that the frequency of Qsuite flights will continue to increase.

Qsuite mit Asia Miles

If you rate an Asia mile at 1 euro cent, the one-way flight from Berlin or Munich would cost around €597.99 (30,000 miles + €297.99 taxes & fees). Not super cheap, but still acceptable.

Book Cheap Qsuite Dealz

Another option is, of course, that you book QSuite flights directly on Qatar Airways’ website. You are not limited to Doha, but can fly cheaply to many destinations around the world. There are always deals from other European countries for QSuite flights, often for less than €1,500 to Asia. Our current Qsuite offers (if available) can be found below:

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