Miles&More Mileage Pooling: Using Award Miles as a Family

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Last year, Miles&More introduced mileage pooling. This means that up to two adults and up to five children can earn award miles together and redeem them. This definitely makes it easier for families to reach the required points for awards. Two friends or acquaintances could also use their miles together. Here are some details:

How Does Mileage Pooling Work?

As a member of a mileage pool, your award miles will still remain in your personal account. They will, however, be virtually added and can be used by either adult to purchase awards.

Expiration Date: Which Miles are Used First?

The miles that expire first will be used first. Each member, however, can freely use his/her miles, regardless of the mileage pooling.

How do I Open a Pool?

Each member over 18 can open a pool on the Miles&More app (more -> Mileage Pooling) and invite other members by adding their membership number. They will then have to accept the invitation.

Who can I add to my Pool?

A mileage pool can consist of two adults and a maximum of five children. You can invite anyone, i.e. also friends and couples can use this functionality. It should, however, be someone you trust.

Can I Leave a Pool?

Members can leave the pool at any time. Afterward, you cannot enter a different pool for a 6-month period. So, switching back and forth between various pools doesn’t really work.

The 6-month period applies to both adults in the pool! This means that you can only invite someone to your pool 6 months after the other person has left.

Family Accounts at Other Frequent Flyer Programs

Other frequent flyer programs also offer similar functionalities, e.g. British Airways Executive Club (for up to seven people living in the same address), Aegean Miles+Bonus (Together-Account for up to 5 people, of which one has to at least be a Silver member), or EgyptAir Plus (Family Miles Account for direct family members, even for status miles).

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  1. Luigi Rollo says:

    Spett. Lufthansa,
    Sono in possesso di una prenotazione no.XXXXX a nome di Arianna Rollo per un volo di andata e ritorno Città del Messico – Atene.
    Ho chiamato miles and more per chiedere quante miglia premio fissero necessarie per un up-grading in business class almeno per una tratta. Mi e’ stato risposto che erano necessarie 55000 miglia solo su uno dei percorsi, o México City – Francoforte o viceversa, chiedendo per iscritto a miles and more pooling l’autorizzazione a utilizzare il mio conto miglia e quello di mia moglie, i cui riferimenti descrivo qui di seguito:
    Luigi Rollo tessera miles and more no. XXXX – PIN XXX.
    Broggi Rosa tessera miles and more no. XXXX – PIN XXX.
    Ringrazio anticipatamente per la cortese risposta.
    Luigi Rolll

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