FlyNYON Coupon: 60% Discount on Helicopter Flights in the USA, e.g. New York for $98 / €89

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The helicopter flight provider FlyNYON currently offers a 60% discount on sightseeing flights over New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The flights are offered as both doors-on and doors-off (better for photography) flights.

The cheapest flights over New York City with the discount applied start at US$98 (~€92). However, the discount also applies on much more expensive flights, e.g. on New Year’s Eve over NYC or over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Here are some example prices for sightseeing flights:

  • New York
    • NYC Intro (12-15 minutes) for US$98 (~€92) instead of US$215 (~€201)
    • NYC Doors-Off (16-19 minutes) for US$149 (~€139) instead of US$327 (~€305)
    • NYC VIP (24-27 minutes ) for US$149 (~€139) instead of US$327 (~€305)
    • NYC Grand (36-39 minutes) for US$224 (~€209) instead of US$493 (~€460)
    • NYC New Years Eve Midnight for US$349 (~€326) instead of US$768 (~€717) instead of US$328 (~€306)
    • Miami Classic (30 minutes) for US$199 (~€186) instead of US$438 (~€409)
  • San Francisco
    • San Francisco Classic (60-63 minutes) for US$424 (~€396) instead of US$934 (~€872)
  • Los Angeles
    • LA Classic (36-39 minutes) for US$249 (~€233) instead of US$548 (~€512)

Simply use the coupon code below to save 60%:

60% FlyNyon Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Open FlyNyon
60% discount on helicopter flights with FlyNyon. Only valid on the base airfare, not on the booking fee. Valid until December 2, 2019.
60% discount on helicopter flights with FlyNyon. Only valid on the base airfare, not on the booking fee. Valid until December 2, 2019.

Hint: You don’t have to book a fixed flight directly. You can also buy a voucher via Buy Now Schedule Later which you can redeem at a later time.

FlyNyon is part of NYONair and offers helicopter flights in five different cities in the USA. In early 2018, FlyNyon hit the headlines with a crash in New York. Since then, doors-off flights have only been permitted with special permission from the FAA. In general, you should always pay attention to the briefing, especially on doors-off flights, so that you can quickly leave the helicopter in the case of an emergency.

Getting to the Heliport

Please note that the helipads used are often a bit out of town. For the New York flights the departure takes place e.g. in Kearny near the airport Newark. For the arrival and departure we recommend the use of a taxi or Uber. The cheapest way, according to one of our readers, is to take the red or yellow PATH train from Manhattan (World Trade Center or Midtown) to Journal Square for $2.75 and then take an Uber or Lyft for about $5 to the heliport. If you start directly from Manhattan you have to budget about $60-$80 per trip.

Redeem coupon

After you have selected a tour, you will be taken to a page where you can choose your date. On the right is a field for discount codes:

flynyon redeem coupon
Redeeming the coupon code on the FlyNYON website

After you click on Apply, the voucher value will be deducted directly.


In October 2018, Travel-Dealz author Viktor tried out FlyNyon in New York. As part of a “NYC Grand” tour he flew around Manhattan for about 40 minutes:

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