TestiFly Coupon Code: 25% Discount on Online Covid Travel Certificates

Corona Selbsttest

The German website TestiFly is one of the most reliable providers of online Covid travel certificates. Various companies now video guided self tests, i.e. you use one of the many available corona self-test kits and film the whole process. The provider checks that the test has been performed correctly and issues you a certificate of the test result.

With this coupon code, you can get 25% off Testifly’s services. Instead of the regular €9.95, you’d currently only pay €7.46 for the service:

25% TestiFly Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Open TestiFly
Valid until May 8, 2022. No minimum spending.
Valid until May 8, 2022. No minimum spending.
Testifly Discount 25
Works for single purchases as well as for bundles.

How a Covid Self Test Works with TestiFly

  1. Check to see which covid self test kits are supported by TestiFly. The list is here
  2. Go to a supermarket, drugstore, etc. that has one of those test kits in stock
  3. Buy a code for the video guided self test on testifly.de
  4. Redeem this code in the iOS or Android app.
  5. Starts the certification process in the app. You need your identity card or passport and some personal data
  6. Follow the test instructions of your test kit and record the whole thing on video. The app guides you through the individual steps
  7. Waits 15 minutes for the test result to appear
  8. Take a picture of the positive/negative test
  9. Wait a few minutes to hours, and you will receive the certificate as a PDF (only Mon – Sun, 08:00 – 20:00)

A negative rapid test does not rule out an active Covid infection. In addition, the reliability of the test kits’ results varies. When in doubt, do multiple tests to minimize the risk of a false negative test.

Excerpt from Testifly’s test certificate

Our Experiences with TestiFly

Our editors have used TestiFly several times in the past to obtain a test certificate to enter the USA. Basically, the whole thing works as promised and the processing times are usually relatively short. We never had a problem with the test certificate either.

While using TestiFly certificates, our editors gained entry to multiple countries, including the USA, Colombia, France, Italy, Spain and Brazil. They were never denied immigration or boarding.

These are some negative aspects:

  • The app is sometimes a bit laggy and the video is very heavily compressed
  • The service times (8:00 to 20:00 Central European Time) are not optimal for trips abroad

Redeem TestiFly Coupon Code

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to redeem your TestiFly coupon code

  1. Purchase tests

    You can start buying test directly after opening the page. Press the large, blue button in the middle.Redeem TestiFly Coupon I

  2. Select quantity and enter code

    Now, you can select the number of codes you want to purchase. Click on the Redeem your coupon text to get the discount.
    Redeem TestiFly Coupon II

  3. Enter your code.

    You can now enter your code in the appearing box.
    Redeem TestiFly Coupon III

  4. Enjoy your discount.

    If your code is valid, the discount is reflected in your purchase.
    Testifly Discount 25

Cover Picture: Guido Hofmann

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