Air Canada Aeroplan: Buy Miles from 1.05 CPM (e.g. Lufthansa First Class for €740 One-Way)

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We don’t often write about Air Canada‘s Aeroplan frequent flyer program on Travel-Dealz. It’s not because it’s bad, but rather because it’s not widely known in the European market. However, the program has its advantages, such as a vast selection of airline partners and numerous attractive mileage redemption options.

Therefore, we want to briefly highlight a current attractive miles purchase promotion. Until July 11, 2024, there is a 125% bonus on purchased miles, resulting in a price as low as 1.05 Euro cents per mile.

Below, you’ll find some example redemption options, all of which have a significant advantage: Aeroplan does not charge fuel surcharges for award flights.

Aeroplan Miles with 125% Bonus

The current offer is valid until July 11, 2024 (Canadian time, so likely until 6:00 AM on July 12, MEZ). After this date, the bonus drops to a maximum of 100%.

In my Aeroplan account, the price tiers are as follows:

  • From 3,000 miles: 60% bonus (= 1.48 cents per mile)
    • Minimum amount: 3,000 + 1,800 = 4,800 points for CA$105 (~€70)
  • From 25,000 miles: 85% bonus (= 1.28 cents per mile)
    • Minimum amount: 25,000 + 21,250 = 46,250 points for CA$875 (~€585)
  • From 60,000 miles: 125% bonus (= 1.05 cents per mile)
    • Minimum amount: 60,000 + 75,000 = 135,000 points for CA$2,100 (~€1,404)

The exact number of miles for the 125% bonus may vary by account. Some reports indicate that a minimum purchase of 80,000 points (plus the bonus) is required.

Sweet Spots for Redeeming Aeroplan Miles

As mentioned, Aeroplan does not pass on fuel surcharges for redemptions, making award flights with airlines like Lufthansa particularly attractive, which otherwise have exorbitant surcharges.

Instead, Aeroplan charges a flat fee of CA$39 (~€26) for bookings with partner airlines, which is a much better deal, especially on long-haul flights.

Aeroplan still offers a fixed award chart for flights with most partner airlines like Lufthansa, United, etc. You can view it here as a PDF. Below are some example award flights with Aeroplan.


At this point, a brief note that a devaluation of miles can never be ruled out and the required values ​​can change at short notice. Purchasing a large number of miles is therefore always associated with certain risks.

Short-Haul Flights in Europe from 7,500 Miles

For short-haul flights within Europe, Aeroplan charges 7,500 miles in economy and 15,000 miles in business class for distances up to 1,000 miles.

DistanceEconomy ClassBusiness Class
Up to 1,000 miles7,500 miles15,000 miles
1,001 bis 2,000 miles12,500 miles25,000 miles

Due to the booking fee, the surcharges are relatively high. For instance, the route from Catania to Munich costs CA$67 (~€45) one-way. Checked baggage is included, making the mileage redemption worthwhile given the current high flight prices.

The 2,000-mile band includes the 5-hour flight from the Azores to Frankfurt, which costs only 20,000 miles in business class instead of the usual 25,000 miles according to the award chart.

Transatlantic Business Class for 60,000 Miles

Transatlantic award flights are available for 60,000 miles, provided the distance does not exceed 4,000 miles, which only applies to some East Coast routes. Otherwise, a fair 70,000 miles is required:

  • Lufthansa business class Boston → Munich for 60,000 miles + CA$73 (~€49)
  • United business class Los Angeles → Frankfurt for 70,000 miles + CA$77 (~€51)
  • United business class San Francisco → Frankfurt for 70,000 miles + CA$77 (~€51)
  • Discover Airlines business class Frankfurt → Anchorage for 70,000 miles + CA$274 (~€183)

Business Class to Dubai & the Middle East from 45,000 Miles

Aeroplan differentiates in its mileage table by flight distance and zones. A business class flight within the Atlantic zone costs 45,000 miles one-way if it does not exceed 4,000 miles. This includes one-way flights from Europe to the Middle East. The Munich to Mumbai route also falls within this distance at 3,922 miles.

Examples include:

  • Lufthansa business class Mumbai → Munich for 45,000 miles + CA$75 (~€50)
  • Swiss business class Dubai → Zurich for 45,000 miles + CA$86 (~€58)
  • Gulf Air business class Munich → Bahrain for 45,000 miles + CA$151 (~€101)

Lufthansa First Class from 65,000 Miles

Unfortunately, Lufthansa first-class award flights can usually only be booked 2-4 days before departure. However, the prices can be quite attractive. A one-way from India to Munich costs only 65,000 miles + CA$73 (~€49). Longer routes are also interesting:

  • Lufthansa first class Mumbai → Munich for 65,000 miles + CA$75 (~€50)
  • Lufthansa first class Munich → Boston for 90,000 miles + CA$252 (~€169)
  • Lufthansa first class Tokyo → Frankfurt for 100,000 miles + CA$73 (~€49)

If you purchase the miles at 1.05 cents, this equates to approximately €740 for a first-class one-way from Mumbai to Munich. However, availability must be found first.

The tool can help with finding availability.

Travel to the Canadian Arctic with Miles

We mentioned the offer from Iqaluit to Greenland a few weeks ago: Miles with Air Canada are also a way to travel to the Canadian Arctic without spending a fortune on a flight.

A one-way from Montreal to Iqaluit (the capital of Nunavut territory) costs 10,000 miles + CA$96 (~€64).

You can even travel further into the Canadian archipelago if desired.

Stopovers for 5,000 Points Extra

A positive feature of Aeroplan is that for only 5,000 miles extra, you can add a stopover along your route. This is even allowed for one-way tickets.

Thus, it is possible to e.g. put together a round-the-world ticket in business class for 230,000 miles + about €400 in fees. An example route would be Frankfurt – Bangkok – Auckland – San Francisco – Frankfurt (if availability is found).

Translated by Ditmar

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