Tehran: €157 / £137 Anadolujet Flights from London (w/o Luggage)

Tehran Behjat Abad

Turkish Airlines‘ low-cost subsidiary, Anadolujet, will fly you from London to Tehran for only €157 (~£137) in January and February. Luggage is not included, so you’d have to pay £188 (~€216) for the ExtraJet fare that includes 20 kg of luggage if an 8 kg carry-on is not enough for you. Another interesting option: Turkish Airlines offers you to have an empty seat next to you on all flights for a total price of only £44 (~€51).

Our calendar displays all available dates for trips of 5-28 days. You can either search for the cheapest online travel agency on our Travel-Dealz flight search, or be redirected to Turkish Airlines’ website to book a fare with luggage or the empty seat.

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You would first fly roughly 4 hours to Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport, and then take another 3-hour flight to Tehran. Both flights are usually operated with an Airbus A321.

Search & Book

We weren’t able to find the fare rules for this deal. Google Flights shows availability in January and February. Our Travel-Dealz flight search will find you the cheapest price. Booking directly on Turkish Airlines’ website costs roughly €25 more, but is the better choice if you want to add luggage (~€30) or an empty seat next to you (~€50).


Don’t expect to earn any miles at any program other than Turkish Airlines’ Miles&Smiles. There, you’ll get roughly 1,400 miles for the entire trip.

Information & Tips for Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran borders on Iraq in the West, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the East. To the South lies the Gulf of Arabia. Since 1979, Iran is a Theocracy. This means that religion plays a huge role in everyday life. As a result, some regulations are much stricter than in Western countries. For example, all women (even foreigners) MUST wear a headscarf in public.

Iran is full of beautiful landscapes and hospitable people. While Western tourists are not common, they are warmly welcomed. Touristically, it is very diverse: You can visit ancient Persian ruins or have a beach vacation on Kish Island. You can even go skiing in the mountainous northern regions.

Best time to Visit

Because it is a geographically very diverse country, there is no ideal time to visit Iran. However, a general piece of advice is not to go there during the holy month of Ramadan. During this time, public life comes to a standstill. You cannot buy food or drinks in public between sunrise and sunset.

Visa & Immigration Rules

EU-Citizens need a visa to enter Iran. If you arrive at Teheran Imam Komenei Airport (IKA), you can apply for visa on arrival. You’ll need €50 in cash, a passport and a hotel reservation in Iran to apply for a 15-day-visa. For longer stays, you’ll need to apply in advance at an Iranian embassy. It is strictly forbidden to import alcohol into Iran!


Official currency is the Iranian Rial. €1 equals roughly 30,000 Rial. As part of the international sanctions against Iran, there are no international banks present in the country. This results in almost no foreign credit card being accepted anywhere. Since you can’t change your money into Rial outside of the country, you’ll need to bring foreign currency in cash with you.

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Cover Picture: Photo by Kiana Shahrezaie on Unsplash

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