The 15 Cheapest St. Regis Hotels Worldwide

The St Regis Tianjin

St. Regis is one of Marriott‘s most luxurious hotel chains. Currently, there are over fifty of these 5-star hotels, located throughout the world, most of them charging upper triple-digit prices per night. We asked ourselves where one can find the cheapest of these classy hotels, and this is the result:


Some of the prices may be out-of-date by now.

  1. The St. Regis Tianjin, China, starting at CN¥935 (~€121)
  2. The St. Regis Chengdu, China, starting at CN¥1,071 (~€139)
  3. The St. Regis Almasa Hotel, Cairo, Egypt, starting at US$166 (~€154)
  4. The St. Regis Zhuhai, China, starting at CN¥1,300 (~€169)
  5. The St. Regis Doha, Qatar, starting at QAR 750 (~€191)
  6. The St. Regis Beijing, China, starting at CN¥1,428 (~€185)
  7. The St. Regis Astana, Kazakhstan, starting at KZT 97,960 (~€197)
  8. The St. Regis Mumbai, India, starting at ₹19,658 (~€219)
  9. The St. Regis Sanya Yalong Bay Resort, China, starting at CN¥1,656 (~€215)
  10. The St. Regis Shenzhen, China, starting at CN¥1,656 (~€215)
  11. The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, starting at MYR 1,094 (~€217)
  12. The St. Regis Changsha, China, starting at CN¥1,714 (~€223)
  13. The St. Regis Shanghai Jingan, China, starting at CN¥1,723 (~€224)
  14. The St. Regis Downtown Dubai, UAE, starting at AED 948 (~€239)
  15. The St. Regis Abu Dhabi, UAE, starting at AED 956 (~€241)

We do not claim that these prices are available on any given night. Also, we may have missed a hotel due to the prices being more expensive on all dates that we checked.

image 409
The cheapest non-Chinese St. Regis is located in Cairo

Here you can see all the mentioned hotels on a map:

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In case you were wondering, the cheapest St. Regis hotel in the USA seems to be St. Regis Washington, D.C. with prices starting at US$438 (~€406)


While there are no St. Regis hotels in Central and South America, you won’t have any luck finding a “cheap” St. Regis in the rest of “the west” either. If you want to spend under €250, you’re bound to travel to Asia – unless you choose to visit the St. Regis Almasa in Cairo – the only non-Asian hotel on the entire list.

Cover Picture: © Marriott

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