Eurowings: round-trips from 25 departure airports at prices between 40€ and 80€ (incl. luggage and in-flight catering)

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We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive offer for all our Travel Dealz readers! Until Sunday, April 28th you will be able to book flights in Eurowings‘ SMART fare (including luggage, meals and seat reservation) at an incredibly low price.

The trips to Germany, Austria and Switzerland depart from 25 airports all over Europe! You’ll pay a maximum of 80€ for a return ticket that includes all the extras mentioned above. And please note, that you can only book through our links since you won’t be able to find this deal on the Eurowings website.


You might also be interested in flights from Germany, Austria or Switzerland to various destinations all over Europe. In this case, we’d like to refer you to our German site. You’ll find even more offers there: Eurowings Hin- und Rückflüge auf 84 Europa-Strecken für 40€ bis max. 80€

See all possible destinations below:

The offer is valid for travel commencing in May or June.

Regarding the services you’ll receive, the Promo fare is identical to the SMART fare. The only exception is your choice to add the flex option for a fee:

Eurowings Promo fare comparison
Promotional offer compared to Eurowings’ SMART fare

By the way: you will always be able to see the normal SMART fare so you can compare and calculate your savings!

Search & Book

If you want to take advantage of this exclusive promotion pricing, you have to use the links that we provide to you. You won’t be able to find them on the Eurowings website nor will the fares be visible on Eurowings’ low fare calendar.

To make life easier for you, we once again received all the available dates from Eurowings and sorted them for you. Route by route. And here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a destination and select a departure airport, if there is more than one available.
  2. You’ll see all outbound flights for your selected route marked in green.
  3. Once you clicked on your preferred departure date, the offered return flights will be highlighted in orange.
  4. Choose your return flight by clicking on it.
  5. You can now enter the number of passengers and press the ‘Search now’ button to be forwarded to the Eurowings website. That’s where you should see the promotional rate.
  6. You should be able to purchase your tickets.

Once you’ve been forwarded to the Eurowings website, you can change the date. Just use the small arrows to switch from one day to another. That said, you can not change the number of travelers on your booking. This will cause the system to switch from promotional rate to the regular pricing. The same goes for a change of your route.


The displayed dates show the availability of the promotional offer as of 24 April. The actual availability may differ.

Basel for 49,98€

Departure airport: Palma de Mallorca

Cologne for 39,98€

Departure airports: Stockholm (ARN), Bologna (BLQ), Cagliari (CAG), Dubronvik (DBV), Faro (FAO) and Ibiza (IBZ)

Dusseldorf for 39,98€

Departure airports: Alicante (ALC), Stockholm (ARN), Copenhagen (CPH), Faro (FAO), London Heathrow (LHR), Bucharest (OTP)

Muenster for 49,98€

Departure airport: Palma de Mallorca (PMI)

Hanover for 49,98€

Departure airports: Cagliari (CAG), Dubronvik (DBV), Rijeka (RJK), Lamezia Terme (SUF)

Hamburg for 49,98€

Departure airports: Stockholm (ARN), Budapest (BUD), Corfu (CFU), Dubronvik (DBV), Milan (MXP), Rijeka (RJK)

Linz for 39,98€

Deaprture airport: Palma de Mallorca (PMI)

Munich for 59,98€

Departure airports: Cagliari (CAG), Corfu (CFU), Dubronvik (DBV), Thessaloniki (SKG), Split (SPU), Lamezia Terme (SUF)

Nuremberg for 59,98€

Departure airport: Split (SPU)

Strasbourg for 39,98€

Departure airports: Alicante (ALC), Barcelona (BCN), Bastia (BIA), Bilbao (BIO), Corfu (CFU), Faro (FAO)

Berlin for 59,98€

Departure airports: Rijeka (RJK), Lamezia Terme (SUF), Zadar (ZAD)

Vienna for 39,98€

Departure airports: Barcelona (BCN), Birmingham (BHX), Rome (FCO), Ibiza (IBZ), Mytilini (MJT), Palma de Mallorca (PMI)

Search manually

You can choose from all the routes shown above, pick a date from the calendar and we will forward you directly to the Eurowings website for booking. But if you want to alternate the routing, you can also edit the URL manually. Simply copy the following URL into your browser and adjust some parameters.



You can change the following settings:

  • from: Departure airport as a 3-letter code
  • to: Destination airport as a 3-Letter-Code
  • date_out: Date of departure (format YYYY-MM-TT)
  • date_in: Date for return flight (format YYYY-MM-TT)
  • oneway: Enter false if you want to book a round-trip, otherwise leave blank
  • adults: number of adults (1 – 9 is possible)
  • children: Number of children (from 2 to 11 years)
  • infants: Number of infants (0 to 23 months)

We’ll admit that this process might be a little tricky – but considering the pricing, it should be worth the effort!

Elite status benefits & miles

You will receive a confirmation email pointing out that you’ve booked the BASIC fare. Also, some extras – luggage, meals – will be mentioned. But once you call up the booking via the app or the Manage booking function on the website, the correct SMART fare will be displayed. And this fare includes access to a lounge given the fact that you have the appropriate frequent flyer status.


However, you, unfortunately, can’t collect any award miles with this promotional offer. Tickets will be issued in booking class FA. The information in the app might be a different one. But Eurowings confirmed that the fare would be excluded from earning miles.

Eurowings Promo App
You can’t earn miles, even if the app says so

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