On Monday: Expedia Sells 14-day Stays in Luxury-Hotels for €20.20 (Only 28 Worldwide)

Excelsior Hotel Ernst Cologne Lounge

On December 14, 2020 – exactly at 20:20, you can book a 14-day stay at a luxury hotel at a price of only €20.20. Not per night but for the entire stay! There is, however, a catch: There are only 28 WorkationTrips available, at most 6 in the same country!


The stays will be sold out within a few seconds. You can try your luck but it is extremely improbable that you will really be able to book a stay for €20.20. Do yourself the favor of only trying this out if you can cope with this deal not working out.

The promotion is limited to two travel periods in 2021:

  • April 1 – 15
  • April 16 – 30

There will probably be one room per hotel and per travel period for the price of €20.20

Participating Countries

This promotion is available in Great Britain, but also in four other countries:

  • France: 6 stays in 3 hotels
  • UK: 6 stays in 3 hotels
  • Germany: 4 stays in 2 hotels
  • USA: 6 stays in 3 hotels, starts at 1:20 GMT on December 15
  • Canada: 6 stays in 3 hotels, starts at 1:20 GMT on December 15

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