Lufthansa Premium Economy from the UK t​o India starting at £524/€607

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Lufthansa is currently offering extremely cheap Premium Economy Flights from the United Kingdom to Mumbai and Bangalore. Starting at £524, you can fly to Mumbai, and not only do these tickets include 2 items of luggage, but the seats are far more comfortable than normal Economy class seats. Also, you will earn a lot of miles with most Star-Alliance frequent-flyer programs.

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You can book Lufthansa’s Premium Economy to Mumbai for only £524

The two Indian destinations, Mumbai and Bangalore can be reached for similar prices from various British airports, such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham. Flights to Bangalore tend to cost £50-100 more than the flights to Mumbai and have more limited availability in 2019, but curiously a much higher availability in 2020, where you can find good fares on almost all weekdays.

A few days ago we also reported cheap Lufthansa Premium Economy Flights from the UK to other Asian destinations.

From your departure airport in the UK, you’ll have a short Economy Class flight to either Frankfurt or Munich, from where you’ll continue your trip to India in Premium Economy.

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This offer is apparently valid until June 9, 2019, but we don’t recommend waiting that long. The permitted travel periods are from August 6th until December 10th, and from December 24th until March 30th. Your stay in India has to be at least 6 days long or include a Sunday, and may not exceed 3 months.

Using Google Flights, we found out, that there seems to be pretty good availability from Tuesdays to Wednesdays, but almost none on other weekdays. Once you’ve found your preferred dates, we recommend booking your flight over Skyscanner, as they seem to offer the cheapest prices. If you wish to book over the airline’s website, you’ll pay a few pounds more on

Lufthansa’s Premium Economy

In comparison to other airlines, Lufthansa’s Premium Economy is solid, but not outstanding. The reclining seats and legroom are above average. Still, cabin service and entertainment are almost the same as in LH’s economy class product.

In contrast to its regular economy seats, Lufthansa offers broader and more comfortable seats in Premium Economy, switching from a 3-4-3 / 3-3-3 seat alignment to 2-4-2 (Boeing 747) or 2-3-2 on its wide-body aircraft. Furthermore, you are able to check two bags up to 23 kg at no additional cost. While the food is identical, it’ll be served on chinaware instead of plastic.

Lufthansa Premium Economy 748
Lufthansa Premium Economy on a Boeing 747-8i.

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