Peak Design Sale: Up to 30% Discount on Backpacks, Camera Bags, and Accessories

Peak Design

A good camera bag should protect your equipment, but also be practical and well-designed. Peak Design has found a great way to combine these elements. From my point of view, there are no better-designed products when it comes to camera bags. Further, the company offers a lifelong warranty on its products. Even on wear parts like zippers!

From now until November 28, 2023, Peak Design has its Black Friday sale going, which offers a discount of up to 30%:


Peak Design lists prices without VAT (value added tax). We preview prices with 21% VAT, as most EU member states charge slightly more (or less) than that number.

Peak Design

Peak Design started its first Kickstarter campaign back in 2011 to sell its Capture Clip. This clip enables you to attach your camera quickly to your bag, backpack or even belt.

In the following years, more Kickstarter campaigns for their Everyday Backpack, Everyday Sling, Travel Bags and Travel Tripod have been launched and successfully funded.

The main strength of their products are their design and attention to detail. Even after months of owning and using them, you can discover new, useful pockets or features.

Personally, I am a happy customer since three years (buying the products via Kickstarter from my own money). The Everyday Sling camera bag and my Capture Clip are valued travel companions of mine.

Lifelong Warranty

A nice bonus of Peak Design is their lifelong warranty, which even includes wear parts like zippers. I once had an issue and was sent the replacement part within a week, after sending them 2 photos.

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