Tokyo, Hawaii, New York: €903 Round the World Trip in January 2020 (Only Cabin Bags)

Round the world

Thanks to a number of great one way flight deals going on right now, you are able to you build your own trip around the world with stops in Milan, Tokyo, Osaka, Honululu, San Francisco, New York and Lisbon for flight costs of €903. The trip consists of five seperate tickets and can be started from almost any place along the route (except Lisbon).

Operating airlines include low cost carrier AirAsia as well as full service carriers Alitalia, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Air Lines and TAP Portugal.

AirAsia KIX HNL 221

Air Portugal allows you a stopover in Lisbon up to five days without an increase in price.

The only missing link is the trip from Tokyo to Osaka. You may either fly with ANA for €71 or take a Shinkansen bullet train at JP¥13,500 (~€85). If you’re not too keen on saving a couple of bucks, the latter will complement your Japan experience nicely.

Search & Book

We’ve tried our best to let you start your journey in either America, Asia or Europe. You can find select flight dates for each segment by using our availability calendar. It shows every date on which flights are available at or below the advertised fare.

Milan to Tokyo

Flights from Milan to Tokyo at €219 are only available in January 2019, which narrows down your possible travel options.

Osaka to Hawaii

Since trains or flights from Tokyo to Osaka are available at a constant price on a daily basis, the next step would be your onward flight to Hawaii:

Hawaii to Oakland

You can travel almost any weekday in early 2020 at €119 from Hawaii to Oakland, which is just one bridge away from San Francisco. If you’ve completed the other legs beforehand, you may comfortably stretch your trip into February:

San Francisco to New York

Transcontinental flights are bread and butter connections for all US carriers. Because of that, you have good chances to score a oneway ticket below $100:

New York to Milan via Lisbon

This fare is only sparsely available. Please note that you have to book on TAP Portugal’s website to add a free stopover in Lisbon to your trip:

If you purchase the cheapest tickets available, this trip amounts to €216 + €71 + €221 + €119 + €84 + €192 = €903.


Since many airlines of different alliances are involved and most flights are booked in discounted economy booking class, there is not much Mileage to be earned with this trip.

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