40+ Hours Lie-Flat-Business: €1,144 Star Alliance Tickets from Indonesia to Canada & USA

Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Sitz

Star Alliance members Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Swiss and United Airlines have come up with a very unusual, high value fare: Business class tickets from Jakarta and Bali to various North American destinations are currently on sale for as little as IDR 18,285,200 (~€1,040). A ridiculous fare, that includes 50 hours of flight in premium cabin, the usual business class perks like lounge access and tons of mileage for Star Alliance frequent flyers.


It seems like Lufthansa has pulled the plug on this marvelous offer.


Worldwide travel restrictions are in place to slow the spread of Covid-19. We strongly recommend gathering detailed information about the travel and quarantine restrictions that apply to your desired origin and destination.

A good start is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website. It provides current updates on a country’s immigration policies. Even better, the Covid-19 Travel Regulations Map is one of the most useful tools you can find.

You can find flights at the lowest fare from May 2022 through January 2023. A lot of US destinations are possible, although availability is dwindling down rapidly.


A major upside of this deal is, that it allows long stopovers in Europe. So you could basically fly Jakarta – Frankfurt, wait a couple of weeks, then make a Frankfurt – San Francisco – Frankfurt roundtrip, then continue to South East Asia weeks later (or not at all).

Incredible price for this ticket.
DPS NYC C 1144
Another stunning example: Bali to New York, with inbound from Denver at IDR 18,572,200 (~€1,057).

All itineraries feature a Singapore Airlines flight from Indonesia to Singapore. Lufthansa and Swiss take over to bring you to Europe (Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich). From there, you continue on the German or Swiss carrier or board an Air Canada or United Airlines business class cabin.

Business Class Products

The Canadian Star Alliance member Air Canada has three business class versions: an old one, which is mostly disappearing, and two modern versions. We can recommend the flights in the Boeing 787, as you’ll be guaranteed a business class experience which is up to the current expectations. Travel-Dealz founder Johannes flew from Copenhagen to Toronto with the 787-Dreamliner and was generally very satisfied.

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Business Class Sitz Mitte
A business class seat in Air Canada’s Boeing 787

Generally, Travel-Dealz writers and readers are not big fans of the Lufthansa business class, even though it is definitely not bad. One reason for that is that the service is too inconsistent: From extremely friendly and quick to unfriendly and slow – everything is possible with Lufthansa, even in business class. Regarding the seats, they are mostly fine, though not really on-par with the competition anymore. That’s why the airline is now slowly installing their new Allegris seats.

Lufthansa Business Class Sitz A340

With SWISS, it very much depends on the specific seat, as SWISS has a throne seat in every row. While the double seats share a platform in the middle, the throne seat has its own platform on each side, which you won’t have to share with anyone. Those seats thus offer privacy and comfort to an extent that the other seats cannot compete with. Therefore, you may be disappointed if you don’t get one of the throne seats, even if the other seats obviously also have a very high standard. In the future, SWISS will have a new business class, called “Swiss Senses”, which is basically Lufthansa’s Allegris cabin, but in red.

swiss business class a340

United has clearly upgraded its business class in the past years since they’ve announced the so-called Polaris business class. The new seats especially offer high privacy and comfort, which barely any other airline can keep up with.

Nevertheless, United also uses the term Polaris for flights with the old seats. On United.com/Polaris, you can check which planes were already refurbished. Currently, a big portion of the Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 planes have the new seats, while the chances are rather low for the Dreamliner.

You have to be especially careful with flights on a Boeing 777-200. Some of those have a 2-4-2 alignment in business class, which results in narrow seats. Luckily, these planes are mainly used within the USA on transcontinental flights, as well as to Hawaii and Guam. Occasionally, however, they do use them for transatlantic flights.

United Polaris Bewertung Sitz mit Utensilien

United Polaris Bewertung Lie Flat Bett

Search & Book

The fare rules don’t state an expiration date, but we expect this deal to be gone soon and quickly. A minimum stay of three days at your destination applies.

Google Flights previews these flights accurately, so you can fool around a bit with possible combinations – which should be very much worth your time given the extraordinary value-for-money you can get out of this deal. You can also look up the corresponding FlyerTalk thread to get inspiration and information.


Singapore Airlines flights are booking class D, while all other segments are booking class P when buying on Lufthansa’s website. Since operating carriers, destinations and layovers vary wildly, we recommend you calculate your personal accrual with our mileage calculator:

Thanks to our source: FlyerTalk User Modjo!

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    Eventuell vorbei? Ich finde gerade nichts mehr

  2. Torsten Ahlers says:

    Scheint sich aber eindeutig um einen Preisfehler zu handeln, da das Chickenklasseticket bereits teuer ist als das in der Business Class.
    Leider bringt die Buchungsklasse P,D halt keine vernünftige Meilenausbeute……. Daher dich den Stress abzutun….ich weiß nicht.
    Aber endlich Mal wieder ne vernüftige Error rate!

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