Mexico: W Punta de Mita Starting at €175 / $207 per Night, incl. Extras = 45% Discount

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Travelzoo is currently offering a wide range of offers for the luxurious W Punta de Mita in Mexico. The price changes somewhat depending on the room, the number of nights, and travel period, but you could, for instance, stay 5 nights for US$207 (~€190) per night – an incredible price for a hotel with prices that tend to start at roughly US$400 (~€367) per night. You’ll also receive a total of US$150 (~€138) in hotel credit per stay. You can select your dates until September 28th, 2021.

Which every “package” you select, you will get US$100 (~€92) in food-and-beverage credit, and US$50 (~€46) in spa credit. These vouchers are also fully refundable, should you later on decide not to go. Even if you already redeemed the voucher, you can cancel up to 14 days before your arrival and get a full refund.

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One of the many swimming pools at the beach © Marriott International, Inc.

Search & Book

While Travelzoo charges higher prices for January – April 2021, than for the other dates. Those higher prices are not really a great deal, in our opinion. The prices for now until December 16th, as well as from May until September 2021 are very good! The hotel, however, will charge another 29% in taxes. The prices that we list here, are the final prices (travelzoo price + 29% for the cheaper dates):

Wonderful Jungle Room:

  • 3 nights: US$773 (~€710) = US$258 (~€237) per night
  • 4 nights: US$876 (~€804) = US$219 (~€201) per night
  • 5 nights: US$1,031 (~€947) = US$207 (~€190) per night


  • 3 nights: US$967 (~€888) = US$323 (~€297) per night
  • 4 nights: US$1,096 (~€1,006) = US$274 (~€252) per night
  • 5 nights: US$1,289 (~€1,183) = US$258 (~€237) per night

Haven Suite:

  • 3 nights: US$1,741 (~€1,598) = US$581 (~€533) per night
  • 4 nights: US$1,973 (~€1,811) = US$494 (~€454) per night
  • 5 nights: US$2,321 (~€2,131) = US$465 (~€427) per night

While longer stays make the price per night go down, be aware that the hotel credit that you receive stays the same ($100 + $50 per stay). Also, be aware that breakfast is not included and would cost US$40 (~€37) per night. Should you wish to bring a third adult to your room, that will cost US$90 (~€83) per night.

The Hotel

Located at the beach and offering everything that one could possibly need to relax, the W Punta de Mita is a very modern and stylish oasis near Puerto Vallarta. The rooms are very big (as are the 48-inch smartTVs inside them), even the jungle rooms measuring over 60 m²! The rooms are all like small separate houses, and the suites even have their own small private pools. The hotel’s pools are open 24 hours, and you definitely won’t be bored with the huge variety of spa and entertainment options. The airport, however, is not exactly close by. We strongly recommend taking an Uber, as that should roughly cost MX$380 (~€19), while other transportation methods may cost you more than €65.

Price Comparison

You can usually expect to roughly pay the following prices per night:

  • Wonderful Jungle Room: US$380 (~€349)
  • Oceanview: US$485 (~€445)
  • Haven Suite: US$910 (~€836)

If you decide to spend 5 nights at the W Punta de Mita, you’d be saving roughly 45% on the Wonderful Jungle and Oceanview Room, and even over 55% on the Haven Suite (not even including the $150 hotel credit). But even if you only stay 3 nights, you’d be saving over 30% on the rooms, and 45% on the suite.

Cover Picture: © 1996 – 2020 Marriott International, Inc.

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