Varna (Black Sea): €20 Wizz Air Roundtrips From all Over Europe

Varna is a Bulgarian city located by the Black Sea. To enjoy the beautiful beaches, you currently won’t have to pay much as Wizz Air is selling very cheap flights from various European cities. Adding 10 kg of hand luggage to your roundtrip costs €24.

You could use this flight deal to stay 4 nights in a 3-star hotel, the entire trip (for 2 people) only costing you €133 per person! A great price for a short getaway to the Black Sea.

We found cheap flights from the following cities:

crl var 30 7
A total of over 6 hours of flight time for only €20 – insane!

The flights always only include a piece of small hand luggage (40x30x20 cm), but you can pay €24 for WIZZ priority, which allows you to additionally bring a piece of bigger hand luggage (55x40x23 cm, max. 10 kg). Adding 20kg of luggage to your trip can cost up to €34 per segment, depending on your point of departure.

Search & Book

You can find the availability of these flights on Google Flights and can directly book them on Wizzair’s website. You can also go to Expedia and directly purchase a Flight&Hotel package. Here’s an example for a 5-day trip:

varna 2 pers
Hotel and Flights for 2 people: 4 nights for 133€ per person

Availability varies depending on your point of departure, but you can generally fly throughout this year’s autumn.

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