Seat Reservation: Flying Blue Changes Status Benefits for Silver & Gold Members

Air France & KLM have received some criticism over the past few days. Because they, too, have jumped on the bandwagon of watering down the inclusive services of the business class. From April 4, the seat reservation in their long-haul business class is often no longer included (as we reported).

However, another change was also made. Shortly before that, the status advantages regarding seat reservations in economy class were adjusted.

Previously, as a Silver and Gold member, you got a certain discount on paid seats. This discount will no longer apply. In return, Gold members receive free seats including Economy Comfort (= economy with more legroom) from 72 hours before departure.

The New (and Old) Rules in Detail

Whether the rules are better or worse for you personally is not so easy to say. If the seats in the exit row & Economy Comfort were still too expensive for you, even with a 50% discount, you would certainly be happy about the changes. But if you don’t want to take any risks and have been happy to use the 25% or 50% discount, the new system will be more of a gamble.

Since the rules are difficult to understand, we have compared them below. You can also read about them here at Flying Blue.

Until March 27

Previously, Flying Blue granted the following status benefits regarding seat selection:

  • As an Explorer (free):
    • 10% discount on seats
  • With Silver status:
    • Free access to all standard seats
    • 25% discount on all other seats (Exit Row, Economy Comfort, etc.)
  • With Gold status
    • Free access to all standard seats
    • 50% discount on all other seats
  • With Platinum status:
    • Free access to all seats

From March 28

  • As an Explorer:
    • No advantages regarding seat selection
  • With Silver status:
    • Free access to all standard seats
    • From 24 hours before departure: exit row, preferred seats & duo seat free of charge
    • No advantages for Economy Comfort at KLM
  • With Gold status:
    • Free access to all standard seats
    • From 72 hours before departure: all seats are free of charge, including Economy Comfort
  • With Platinum status:
    • Free access to all seats (no change)

Apparently, nothing has changed on flights with Delta Air Lines. There is still talk of a 25% discount as a Silver member and a 50% discount as a Gold member when buying seats in Comfort+ (= more legroom). Platinum members also get these seats for free at Delta.


The new rules at Flying Blue are similar to what has long been the norm at US airlines. With one difference: With United & Delta, Basic Economy (without baggage) is excluded from any seat benefits.

I think it’s really an improvement, at least for gold members. As a Silver member, on the other hand, it is rather unlikely that the seats at the emergency exit will still be free 24 hours before departure.

What do you think of the changes? Please leave a comment.

Sources: Air France & KLM Business Solutions & Flyertalk

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  1. L.Nipshagen says:

    Watering down Services and/or increasing all kinds of costs seem to be the airlines main focus🥵Passengers will avoid KLM because of their absurd intercontinental ticket prices nowadays, too bad I used to like KLM and am platium member for life 🌹

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