Thailand No Longer Requires PCR Test After Entry

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From May 2022, travelling to Thailand will be significantly easier again for vaccinated people: While a PCR test is currently still required after entry, this requirement will probably be eliminated from May 1 without replacement. An SHA+ with a day of hotel quarantine is then also no longer necessary. Thai media such as Thaiger and the Farang reported this today, citing the country’s COVID-19 authority.

Thailand had already abolished the obligation to present a negative PCR test before departure at the beginning of April. In practice, however, this changed little. If you wanted to avoid a nasty surprise at your destination, you were well advised to have yourself tested before departure. Now there is no obligation to test at all – a rapid antigen test after 5 days is only recommended.

Expected Entry Rules From May 2022

For the time being, the following requirements for entry during Covid-19 remain in place for vaccinated persons:

  • Proof of health insurance that covers Covid-19 (min. US$10,000 (~€9,341) coverage)
  • Registration for the Thailand Pass
  • Valid vaccination certificate

A quarantine in Thailand is no longer necessary and no covid test either!

Unvaccinated travellers who have a negative PCR test will be treated as if they had been vaccinated. Hotel bookings and quarantine are no longer required from them either. Only those who are not vaccinated and do not have a PCR test must continue to quarantine.

The new rules are expected to come into effect on May 1, 2022, but that’s not 100% certain yet. Further details are to be announced later today.


This is what many travellers have been waiting for. From May, travelling to Thailand will be almost as easy as before the pandemic, and the risk of spending the holiday in quarantine will decrease significantly.

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Sources: Thaiger and Farang

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