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Since its beginning in 2010, has been a reliable source of travel bargains, hints and guides about loyalty programs, credit cards and many more topics revolving around the world of travel. While the original site is in German and aimed at Austrian, German and Swiss readers, its English-speaking sister was born in 2019. By crossing the original’s language barrier, it introduces readers worldwide to the same high standards of research and content that made Travel-Dealz one of the most beloved brands in German travel blogging.

Every single post, no matter if deal, coupon, guide or general news is professionally researched, verified and published by our team of seasoned travelers and writers. By sticking close to our publicized principles, we avoid the temptations of clickbait, poorly researched sensationalism or obvious cash grabs. We pride ourselves on delivering 100% free, quality content to our readers.

In contrast to most other travel portals that find and present bargain deals, our focus is on individual travel instead of package holidays. Our readers tend to book flights and hotels separately. Because of that, we don’t exclusively search for the cheapest economy class fares, but present a wide variety of attractive business and first class offers, too. As a consequence of that, our content attracts a large number of frequent flyers and luxury travellers.

Our attention goes far beyond flights, hotels and rental cars, reaching across numerous topics that are relevant for travelers. One of our site’s main features is our detailed analysis of credit cards for travelers. This proved to be just as useful to our readers as our reviews and discounts on travel gadgets, with a special focus on luggage.

Our content is published instantly on and shared on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our largest source of traffic is our Newsletter, with a click and conversion rate far above industry average.

Opportunities for Cooperations

In general, we are open to cooperate with other companies, but expect a fair share of their revenue in return. We don’t expect any fees for publishing our partners’ offers, promotions or coupons, but their presentation remains 100% within our editorial freedom. We generally don’t and won’t publish advertorials.

Travel-Dealz finances itself in large parts through affiliate marketing. It is our favorite way of cooperating, as well. We don’t offer advertising spaces in form of banner or pop up advertisements. We strictly distance ourselves from retargeting and other questionable, privacy interfering means of marketing.

Our readers are our number 1 priority. Because of this, every cooperation requires deals with a direct relation to travelling.

This is a brief overview of which forms of cooperation are desired and which aren’t:

  • proposals unrelated to travel (e.g. lotteries, …)
  • banner or display ads
  • paid links (no, not even nofollow)
  • sponsored posts/advertorials/native advertising
  • retargeting

You can find us in all big and many smaller affiliate networks:

  • AWIN (Profil, ID: 135115)
  • CJ (PID: 3031870)
  • Partnerize (traveldealz)
  • Impact (traveldealz)
  • Tradedoubler
  • TradeTracker
  • Webgains (ID: 159911)
  • ShareASale (ID: 1242077)
  • Daisycon

For maximum transparency, all our affiliate links are marked with an asterisk (*), complemented by an explanation at the bottom of the article. In addition, we attribute all affiliate links withrel="nofollow sponsored" for search engines.

Deal Proposals

Our team spends a lot of time each day combing the internet for attractive deals. Of course, we are always open to external proposals, too. As long as the proposed deal goes along with our guidelines and offers a clear advantage for our readers, we will research and post it. We always compare prices and will ignore claims like up to 50% off. Find more about what constitutes a quality deal for us in our principles.

We encourage you to send in proposals for deals or selected offers as often as you like. We will research each proposal and publish the deal, if it meets our standards. If not, we will gladly give you feedback why it didn’t make the site.

Black Week / Cyber Monday

For the special occasion of the Black Week and Cyber Monday, we provide our readers with a large overview of all worthwhile deals. If it lives up to our principles, we will add your offer to the list, free of charge.

Because our team is extremely busy during the entire week, we advise you to notify us at least two weeks in advance in order to secure the publication of your offer. Please send as many details as possible to to ease our research and preparation. All information given to us remains confidential until the start date of your promotion.


Coupons are the best way for our readers to get a real and comprehensible discount. For our partners, it brings the advantage of increasing both revenue and exposure to new customers.

We are interested in generic coupons that are offered to both us and other blogs, as well as exclusive coupons, targeted specifically at our site and readers. Exclusive coupons will receive more attention and visibility on our site, but we expect them to provide the highest possible discount during the entire promotion period.

We examine every single coupon rigorously on validity, limitations and actual discount provided. The presentation of each coupon is subject only to our editorial guidelines.

Bonus Deals

Our Bonus Deals are an attractive opportunity for companies, that lack the option or administration resources to give out financial incentives themselves. Especially banks, credit card and insurance companies prefer this way of advertising through our sight.

In a bonus deal, your company will increase the provision by a set amount, that we forward directly to our readers (a.k.a. your new customers) in the form of a bonus. We will take care of the entire process and communication.

Tracking and payment of the provision to Travel-Dealz has to happen via an affiliate network.

eSIM Comparison

We offer our readers a comprehensive comparison of eSIM plans so that they can continue to surf the Internet with their smartphone while travelling. It is particularly important to us that the data is up-to-date. That’s why we require every provider to provide us with up-to-date data via an API endpoint. Inclusion in the comparison is only possible under these conditions.

We offer the eSIM comparison in German, English and Spanish. In addition to a direct comparison of providers across several countries, we also offer detailed comparisons for individual travel countries and regions. Readers can independently select the required data volume and duration and set additional filters if required.

We are happy to provide you with our requirements for the API endpoint and accompany the integration.


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