Our principles

It is our declared goal to find the best travel offers every day and to provide you with valuable tips so you can discover the world for as little money as possible! To do so, we adhere to the following principles:

Hand Picked

Every day we manually search for great offers. Our guideline is: an offer will only be posted if it’s so good that we would book it ourselves. We have our own tools and resources but also draw on software that is accessible to everyone, such as Google Flights or Matrix Airfare Search.

And if we didn’t find the deal all by ourselves – we won’t pretend as if we did. We always state the source at the end of the article! This effort to keep things transparent separates us from many other platforms and blogs. Indication of sources is (unfortunately) not the standard in our business.

No Clickbait

We will always try to give you all the essential information about the deal in our headlines. That way you won’t have to read through the whole article to find out that this cheap flight is actually departing from Timbuktu and therefore not relevant to you. You’ll find the city of departure and the price in the headline, so you can decide if it’s worth your time to get more information on the offer.

You can rely on the following information in the header:

  • Long-haul flights
    • Price: Always for a round-trip and per person. If it’s a cheap one-way flight we are presenting, it will be mentioned. If it is a partner special (at least 2 travelers), again, we will put it in the headline. Sometimes enhanced by abbreviation “p.P.”.
    • Luggage: If we don’t suggest otherwise, checked baggage will be included. If not we will state the surcharge necessary or point out that only carry-on is included.
    • City of departure: The city of departure is always explicitly mentioned in the heading.
  • Short & medium haul flights
    • Price: For return flight and per person. Otherwise, we will let you know by putting ‘one-way’ into the header.
    • Baggage: Most offers will only include hand baggage. Otherwise, we will include an explicit reference that checked luggage is included in the price.
    • City of departure: We mainly publish offers for short haul flights that depart from your country. If we share an offer that is just to good to keep it to only one single country, we will include the airport of departure in the headline.
  • Hotels
    • Price: We always state the price for a double room and two persons. Never per person and always including all taxes, fees and any additional costs such as resort fees.
  • Package tours
    • Price: Per person (recognizable by the abbreviation p.P.) for two persons in a double room. If the offer is also worthwhile for people traveling alone, we will mention this explicitly.
  • Cruises
    • Price: Exactly like with package tours the price will be per person with two persons in a cabin. If the trip is also suitable for single travelers, we’ll mention this explicitly. Also, we also include mandatory tips in our deal price.
  • Award flights: We will not only let you know how many reward miles you’ll need but also how much taxes, fees, and surcharges you have to expect.

If you find any discrepancies from these details, please let us know in the comments or by emailing us at info@travel-dealz.com.

High Quality

It is important for us to provide you with as much information as possible about our offers. Our team of motivated editors is constantly researching the following information for you:

  • A direct link to the offer with the example dates at a price quoted
  • Price comparison, especially for hotels. No “up to 50% discount” or “only 1 room left” scam.
  • Information on availability, travel periods. Often you’ll even see our availability calendar with many example dates for your trip
  • Indication of an expiry date, provided we know it.
  • Information about the destination, such as visa requirements, the best time to travel and hotel prices.
  • Additional services, e.g., if a stopover is possible
  • How many award miles you’ll earn, if this information is useful makes sense (usually the case for flights in Business Class)

You won’t find all the information you need on every deal: We try to get the perfect balance between the effort it takes us to post the deal and the benefit it will be to our readers.

It’s Free

We offer you all the information and all functions (Newsletter, Keyword Alerts, …) completely free of charge. We also try to answer all of your questions! But you shouldn’t mistake us for a travel agency. Unfortunately, we can’t take over the actual travel planning for you.

So, how do we earn money? If, for example, you book a flight, hotel or a package tour through our website, we often (but not always) receive a commission from the online travel agency or the airline. The tracking is done via the link forwarding you to the provider. For us, it is vital that you do not incur any additional costs and that you still get the best price.

At the same time, we renounce entirely classical advertisement. There are no flashing banners or unwanted popups. Besides, we try – as best we can – to get by without scripts or content from third parties and do not set cookies that track you through the world wide web. Your privacy is important to us, and we only collect data from you when it’s necessary.

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