Mileage Calculator: How Many Miles Does Each Program Credit for my Flights?

Would you like to know how many award and status miles you would get for your flights at each frequent flyer program? No problem! Our mileage calculator shows you this for all programs:

Status Bonus?

If you already have a status, depending on the program and airline, you may receive a mileage bonus. To check the mileage credit for a specific program and your current status, use this specially developed mileage calculator:

Input Format

In order to see the mileage credits, you need to enter your flights. In addition to the exact route, the airline operating the flight and your booking class are also important. You can find this information most reliably on the booking confirmations or when searching for a flight at the airline.

Please use the following format when using our mileage calculator:

Airline:booking class:flight segment(s)
  • Airline: IATA code of the airline, e.g. LH for Lufthansa (read the information on the booking class for codeshares)
  • Booking class: booking class of the flights, e.g. A.
  • Flight segment(s): IATA codes of the airports used, separated by a hyphen. e.g. LHR-FRA-HKG for a one-way flight and LHR-FRA-HKG-FRA-LHR for a return flight from London-Heathrow to Hong Kong via Frankfurt.
Optional Parameters

The route, the airline, and the booking class are almost always sufficient to calculate the status miles. However, there are also exceptions, such as United Airlines MileagePlus, where in certain cases the award of status miles are based on the price of the flight – at least if the ticket was issued by United or the flight is operated by United. In that case, we’ll need this information from you. But it’s very easy to enter this info by simply attaching it in the following format:

Operating airline:booking class:flight segment(s) : ticketing airline : price 

Here are two examples:

    Lufthansa flights in booking class K, ticket issued by United Airlines with a flight price of 150 USD
    United P-class flights issued by United for $1235

Please keep in mind that the price of the flight minus taxes and fees usually counts. This is lower than the price you actually pay for the ticket.


We assume no liability for the calculation! The result is to be seen as a guide and must always be recalculated by hand for a final decision. It can happen that our calculation differs significantly from the actual mileage credit. In addition, we cannot take into account every special feature in the calculation. We have gone to great lengths to take as many restrictions and minor rules into account as possible.

The mileage calculator is currently still in its beta version. If you discover an error, please send us an email to with your routing.


Since examples are often the easiest way to understand an input format, we have put together some examples for a few different scenarios:

Calculation Based on Ticket Price

With many airline programs, the status and/or award miles are calculated based on the ticket price. This applies, for example, to most flights with:

  • Lufthansa Group
  • Air France-KLM
  • Delta
  • United
  • American Airlines

In this case, the issuing airline must also be specified (2-character IATACode), as well as the ticket price + the currency, e.g.



If the same airline uses several booking classes within its itinerary, or different airlines are listed on the same booking, the price should only be specified in the first line and set to 0 for the other segments. For example like this:


The ticket price is the price excluding taxes. Most of the time you can see it in the airline’s price breakdown, e.g .:

The ticket price for this €109 ticket is €27

Sometimes it is not entirely clear as airline surcharges are listed along with taxes. You then have to add them to the ticket price

Here the ticket price is €8 + the €10 international surcharge, i.e. €18

Codeshare Flights

Often, tickets are issued by one airline but operated by another, which sometimes complicates the calculation. You have to do the following:

At SkyTeam and Oneworld

For the airline, you always have to use the airline whose abbreviation is at the beginning of the flight number.

Example: A Delta-operated flight purchased through KLM with a KLM flight number:

With SkyTeam and Oneworld, the flight number is decisive – in this case KL, even if it is a Delta flight

Here you have to enter it as follows:


At the Star Alliance

It’s a little more complicated with the Star Alliance. The airline that actually operates the flight must be specified here. The problem is that you have to specify the corresponding booking class of the other airline, and it is usually not really listed anywhere. Fortunately, the booking classes at Lufthansa, United, Swiss, Air Canada, and Austrian are identical with a few exceptions (e.g. N). With other airlines (e.g. Singapore Airlines) you should try to avoid code shares for the calculation.

Example: You buy United flights via Lufthansa’s website:

Lufthansa flight number – it doesn’t matter. With Star Alliance, it is important who operates the flights – in this case, United

Here you have to enter it as follows:


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  1. Danny Marker says:

    Guter Rechner. Aber bei China Southern (CZ) scheint er nicht korrekt zu funktionieren.
    Immerhin habe ich deutlich mehr Meilen bekommen als bei euch angegeben, insofern bin ich ja froh drum. Wollte es nur mal gesagt haben, dass es hier offensichtlich doch einen Unterschied macht ob man Gold oder Platinum ist oder nichts. Habe gut 60% mehr bekommen 😊

  2. Michal says:

    Hi, I have noticed that in your calculator are not reflected some changes Aegean did in relation to crediting some classes from LX and AU (maybe others). According to their website they now credit miles also when booked in P and V, W etc. Aegean’s Miles+Bonus remains quite stingy with LH.

  3. Mohammed mothiur Rahman says:

    Hi I would like to get air miles card and how can I get it

    • Felix says:

      Greetings Mohammed,
      sadly, we have no information regarding the “Air Miles” program. According to Wikipedia, there are multiple programs with this same name, situated in different countries. Your best bet would be to access their websites directly.

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