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Conrad is one of Hilton‘s most luxurious brands. Curiously, the name is not very well known in Europe, as there are currently only 5 Conrad hotels on the continent. Even in its home country, the USA, the number of Conrads is quite limited.

Worldwide, however, there are 49 Conrads. So we took it upon ourselves to create a list of all Conrads, along with the cheapest price that we could find. Interestingly, the price range is huge, some of them costing as little as €96 while others charge €1,271 on their cheapest night.

Please keep in mind that the hotels will charge quite a bit more on many dates. The prices stated are the cheapest prices we could find, simply to give an indication of the price segment they are roughly in. Here’s the list, sorted by world region:

Here’s a map with all Conrads:

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Booking an Impresario Rate with Additional Benefits

In many cases, especially for short stays, booking Hilton’s impresario rate can make a lot of sense. With this rate, you get free breakfast, an upgrade, and US$100 (~€92) to spend at the hotel, paying the normal price of the flex rate. While not available for all Conrads, the easiest way to book the impresario rate is through our partner ASMALLWORLD. At many hotels, you’ll even get double Hilton Honors points when booking there:

e.g. in Dubai: For €21 more, you get the flex rate with breakfast, US$100 (~€92) hotel credit, double points, upgrade, etc.


The number of Conrad hotels in Europe, and especially in the Southern Hemisphere, is very limited. In Asia, though, you’ll have many Conrads to choose from – especially in China. There are also quite a few Conrads in North America, even outside the United States.

The most notable thing about this brand is the crazy price range. We have done lists like these for other hotel brands, but never reached quadruple digits when comparing the cheapest to the most expensive hotel. The question is if they also differ as much in quality.

Cover Picture: Ditmar Lange

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