Holding a Flight Price: Which Airlines Offer it, and What Does it Cost?

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For several years now, many airlines have been offering that you can hold a price in order to have some time to think about it. However, there are quite big differences between the conditions of the various airlines. Some make you pay for that time, some refund the amount in the event of a booking, and with one airline this is even completely free of charge for status members. We have read through all the conditions and can now give you an overview:


For domestic flights, Aegean charges €3 for holding the price, international it is €6. The amount is calculated per passenger and gives you a thinking period of 6 days. But if it is a business class flight or a ComfortFlex ticket, the price reservation is even free!

Aegean Hold Flight Price
Aegean explains the terms and conditions of holding a ticket price underneath their booking form.
Aegean Hold Flight Price II
You need to proceed to payment to actually do it.

Air France – KLM

Air France and KLM both charge a fee of €5 for short-haul flights and €15 for long-haul flights. The thinking period here is of 72 hours.

British Airways

British Airways gives you 72 hours to think about it, but it costs a bit of money here too: €5 for short-haul routes, €10 for long-haul routes – per person.

british airways hold price


At Emirates, the price depends on the route – to Dubai, for example, this will cost €20 per passenger (except babies). However, if you book the flight within 72 hours, the fee will not be charged. Sadly, this option cannot be used for Cash + Miles bookings.


Iberia gives you 72 hours to change your mind. You have to pay €5 for short-haul trips or €10 for long-haul trips. If you then do decide to book the flights, these €5 or €10 will be deducted from the flight price.

Lufthansa Group

Lufthansa collects a very high amount for the 48-hour reflection period: €30! However, these are only debited if you do not book the flight – otherwise you won’t be charged the fee. Nevertheless, the flights must all be carried out by Lufthansa – a single segment with SWISS, Eurowings & co., and the option disappears.

lufthansa hold price

Other Lufthansa Group airlines like Brussels Airlines and SWISS use the same booking form than their mother company – therefore, you can hold prices just like on Lufthansa’s website. Also, the same restrictions apply: You can only hold prices of flights operated by the airline whose website you are browsing.

TAP Portugal

TAP gives you 48 hours to think about it for a fee of €8 pp for long-haul flights and €5 pp for flights in Europe & North Africa. Only babies don’t pay the option. The flight must also take place in more than 96 hours.

TAP Hold Flight Price

Turkish Airlines

With Turkish Airlines, 72 hours cost a total of €17 – however, these will then be reimbursed in the event of a booking. Miles&Smiles status members (from Classic Plus onward) can use this option for free!

turkish airlines hold price


This low-cost airline also offers such an option – and it’s very simple: €6 for 48 hours.

wizz hold price


United offers an option called FareLock. You can reserve the price for 3, 7, or 14 days. The maximum reflection period of 14 days is particularly outstanding. The price depends on the class of travel and the number of passengers – a consistent price structure is not apparent. FareLock is also only available for bookings that include United-operated flights only.

united hold price

Hint: 24 Hours Free of Charge With all Airlines

Many airlines offer the possibility of canceling the booking free of charge for 24 hours (e.g. KLM). The airlines from North America are even legally obliged to do so. However, you can also use this for all other airlines, for example by booking on Expedia‘s US site. You can then cancel free of charge for 24 hours.

expedia stornierungsfrist
A flight with an airline that does not offer to hold the price? Then US-Expedia is an option.

The disadvantage of this way is that you first have to pay for the entire flight booking. If the 24 hours pass, you will not get your money back and the booking will then be confirmed.


This option can be quite helpful for very good deals. Especially with airlines, where the amount is reimbursed if you decide to book the flights, you can then book stress-free the next day and sleep on it for one night. But you should always keep a close eye on how long the reflection period lasts and what the consequences of letting it pass are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is holding the price also possible with error fares?

Generally, yes! However, this is not entirely risk-free. Since many airlines have even canceled tickets that have already been booked, it is easy to imagine that they would act similarly here.

When is it worthwhile to hold the flight price?

For example, if you want to plan the trip with others, but they don’t have time at the moment, or you have to get permission from your employer first, you can consider doing this. Even if it is a lot of money, and you still want to think about it, this can also be useful. However, one should ask oneself whether it is even very likely that the price will rise in the next few days. In the case of first class offers, this is more likely due to the very limited seat availability (and the fee is not all too significant compared to the ticket price) – but with any fresh €400 economy class deals, you really don’t need to pay to hold the price.

Where can I see how long the price should still be available?

Sometimes this is possible by taking a quick look at the fare rules because they often state an expiry date for the deal. However, the availability can always thin out beforehand. Unfortunately, however, it is often the case that there is no expiration date in the Fare Rules.

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