Log my World: New Flight Log Competition for MyFlightradar24 with Extensive Statistics

Log my World

It is good form among frequent flyers to record all completed flights in online statistics. So far, we in the Travel-Dealz team have mainly relied on MyFlightradar24. There were hardly any serious alternatives – except for FlightMemory.com with a user interface from the Stone Age. However, both sites have one thing in common: they have not been developed further for years and user requests have largely been ignored.

Now a promising alternative has been launched, that wants to do better. The new online tool called Log my World comes from two German developers. We took a look at what the website offers and were quite impressed.

Structure and Functionality

Basically, the structure and functionality of Log my World are similar to other flight logbooks. First, all completed flights must be entered. It’s best to do this right before or after your flight before you forget. Important above all: date, flight number and, if desired, the seat number, aircraft registration and much more.

When all flights have been recorded, they are clearly displayed on a map. By default, all completed flights are displayed here. If that’s too much for you, you can also filter by “last 30 days”, “last year”, etc. It then looks something like this:

This is nice to look at and tempts you to reminisce about past trips. At least as interesting are the various statistics below. This is also known from similar sites, but that doesn’t make it any worse. Among other things, the total of all flight miles or hours is displayed, along with the number of airports flown to, etc.:

The option of being able to favourite flights is also very nice. This is particularly interesting so that you can view them as an “index card” at any time:


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Benefits of the Premium Version

At Log my World there is a free user account with extensive functions. In principle, almost all features are available without payment. The premium version can be subscribed to for €20/year, which comes with the following advantages:

  • Autofill flight data: You only have to enter the flight number and date, and then the route, airline, aircraft type, aircraft registration etc. will be filled in automatically.
  • Note when planes etc. are flown for the first time: When entering the flight data, a small note appears if you are flying from an airport or with a specific airline etc. for the first time.
  • Extended statistics: By default, Log my World only shows you the top 10 aircraft types, airlines, registrations, etc. in the statistics. With the premium version, there is no limit.
  • Globe view for the world map: In addition to the flat world map (see above), there is now also a 3D globe view, where all flights are displayed a bit prettier.
  • User-defined fields: You can create a maximum of 3 fields with additional data. For example, I record the lounges visited and whether it was an award ticket or not.
  • Support developers: You support the developers of the tool in their work and enable further improvements.

In my view, the first point is particularly important. Without autofill, you have to look up manually on Flightradar24, for example, which plane you are currently on and complete the registration. That’s quite a bit of extra work.

In addition, I am particularly interested in the information as to whether this is my first time in a particular aircraft or not. With a premium subscription, this is displayed directly when you enter the registration:

Log my World new plane

Log my World vs. My Flightradar24

So far I – like probably many of you – have relied on My Flightradar24. I have therefore compiled the (from my point of view) most important differences between the tools.

From my point of view, the following reasons speak in favour of Log my World:

  • More flight details: Significantly more flight details can be logged. For example, a distinction is made between marketing airline (flight number) and operating airline, there is a field for the airline alliance, and you can either enter the exact aircraft type (Boeing 747-430) or the production line (Boeing 747), etc.
  • Extended airport database: With My Flightradar24 I was not able to record some flights because the airport does not exist in the database. This affected, for example, heli flights in the Faroe Islands, private General Aviation flights and flights in the Falkland Islands. So far, Log my World has known every airport – but if not, you can always create them manually.
  • Customer support: The developers of My Flightradar24 now (unfortunately) don’t really care if an airport is missing or something isn’t working. On the other hand, Log my World is constantly evolving, and the developers listen to user feedback

There are also a few downsides when comparing the two. The most important one: My Flighradar24 will auto-fill the airplane’s registry after entering flight number and date. With Log my World, this feature is only found in the Premium subscription.

We compared My Flightradar24 with the free and premium versions of Log my World in a small table:

CriteriaMy Flightradar24Log my World FreeLog my World Premium
PriceFreeFree€20 / Year
Import / export of existing data
Extensive statistics
Share statistics with friends and acquaintances
Comment field for flights
Automatic addition of missing flight data
Mobile site
Ranking of airlines, airports etc.max. 31max. 10unlimited
Own fields in the statistics✔ (max. 3)✔ (max. 10)
Upload photos to flights✔ (max. 1)✔ (max. 5)
notification when the plane,
airline etc … was flown for the first time
Search function for logged flights
Recording of operating / marketing carriers
Airport Databasepartly incompleteexpandableexpandable
Comparison of My Flightradar24 with Log my World Free & Premium

Importing Flights

Luckily, if you want to try out Log my World, you don’t have to re-enter all the data manually. Most logbooks offer an export function with which you can download all data at once. With My Flightradar24, you can simply use the export function:

You will then receive a CSV file with all data. Theoretically, you only have to import them to Log my World:


If uploading of the CSV file fails for you, try it in a different browser. I also had problems with Firefox and then tried to manually edit the file in Excel. Only then did I realize that it would have worked without any problems in a different browser.

Improvement Requests

Log my World is by no means perfect. Nevertheless, considering that the tool has only been publicly available for a few months, it works surprisingly well.

I would also like the following functions:

  • Bug fixes: From what I’ve heard, bug fixes are the top priority right now. And that’s right. Since launching last year, the Log my World team has already fixed a lot of them. However, a few remain, e.g. sometimes the sidebar is missing.
  • More features for the map: While it’s nice to look at so far, a few features are still missing. For example, it is not possible to see on the map how often a route has already been flown. On My Flightradar24, this is shown with different coloured lines.
  • Other statistics: Although a lot of data such as marketing or operating carrier is displayed for each flight, this is hardly used in the evaluation. Example: I have to select in the settings whether I am interested in the flight number or the operating airline. I would find it nicer if you could change this directly on the statistics page.
  • More than just flights: I’ve been wanting a tool for years that can also log trains, ferries, etc. The name Log my World certainly is suited for this. Maybe in a few years, it will become reality and I can also use trains.logmy.world. But that might still be a long way off.

50% Coupon for Travel-Dealz Readers

The team behind Log my World was kind enough to provide us with a discount voucher. You will therefore receive the one-year premium membership for €10 instead of €20.

Simply use the following voucher code:

50% Log my World Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Open Log my World
Valid until April 30, 2023 for the first year of the annual subscription of Log my World Premium.
Valid until April 30, 2023 for the first year of the annual subscription of Log my World Premium.

You can redeem the voucher simply under the following link:


Unfortunately, there is currently no immediate indication that the discount code has been applied. You can only see this after entering the credit card data in the Stripe payment process. PayPal payments are not yet supported.


I’ve used My Flightradar24 (formerly Flightdiary) for years and have been mostly happy with it. Since I’ve been using it, little things have bothered me again and again. So I had to keep entering flights with placeholder airports because the actual airport was not in the database. And there is no search function there either.

Even though I wasn’t actively looking for an alternative, I’m glad I found it. In addition to extended statistics, the interest in user feedback speaks in favour of Log my World. So the tool is actively being developed, while the free My Flightradar24 has been dormant for several years. Hopefully, the premium version of Log my World will bring enough money into the bank to permanently finance further development.

At the moment, I’m still filling both tools in parallel. That’s mostly because I prefer the map view at My Flightradar24. At the moment, however, I am confident that I can permanently switch to Log my World.

Cover Picture: Peer Linder

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  1. Michael says:

    Nice report thanks. Seems to be a nice tool. You mention im the comparison table that it has a mobile version. Where can I find this?
    Did you try app in the air, is this not also something similar.

    • LogMy.World says:

      Dear Michael, thanks for your interest in LogMy.World!

      There is indeed a mobile version, and you don’t even need to download an app for using it. Just visit LogMy.World with your phone’s browser and install the web app through the browser’s settings menu. You’ll then find an icon on your phone’s main screen from where you can access LogMy.World directly, including the offline logging feature if you’re e.g. on a flight.

      Best regards
      Axel & Benedikt at LogMy.World

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