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Qatar Qsuite

Qatar Airways’ Qsuites are widely regarded as the best Business Class product currently available. They are superior in many ways to other airlines’ business class as well as Qatar Airways’ own, regular premium cabin. Unfortunately, this is the biggest problem concerning Qsuites – since they aren’t installed on the majority of QR’s long-haul planes, you can never be sure if you will actually be able to enjoy them.

If you’re looking for Business Class flights on, you’ll solemnly be able to tell which flights feature Qsuites and which won’t. Despite publishing a list covering routes on which Qsuites will be available, it seems to be partly incomplete and out of date.

Because of that, we’ve compiled a list including all Qsuites destinations and which aircraft serve them. Furthermore, we’ll explain how you can make sure that you’ll be enjoying the best business class there is on your next Qatar Airways flight.


In addition to routes, destinations and aircraft, we now offer you information about past availability on specific flights. In order to do this, we check the history of deployed airplanes using data from These numbers are updated weekly.

Current QSuite offers


The QSuite is currently offered for the following destinations from Doha:


Attention! The following information is not binding in any way. Qatar Airways can change flight equipment at any given time without further notice. This can result in flying a regular business class plane, even though a Qsuite has been advertised. Even on the day of departure, flight equipment can and will be changed. This doesn’t result in you being able to change or cancel your flight free of charge. You’ll only be able to book business class, not Qsuite. So any business class will suffice. However, Qatar Airways is usually helpful in the event of a change of aircraft and will rebook you free of charge. However, you will not be informed proactively.

Past Qsuite availability percentage is displayed for every flight. It is updated weekly, based on data retrieved from To achieve this, we check which airplanes were deployed on specific routes and compare their registry to our index of Qsuite fitted aircraft. While this is sufficient to get an idea how high the rate of Qsuite equipped aircraft has been over the past seven days, it is not suited to make any predictions about the upcoming months. You can get further information by hovering your cursor over the numbers.


DestinationAircraftFlight Number%
Berlin BER
Boeing 787-8/9QR 81/8231%
Frankfurt/Main FRA
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-8/9
QR 67/68
QR 69/70
QR 71/72
Munich MUC
Boeing 787-8/9QR 57/58
QR 59/60
Zürich ZRH
Airbus A350-900
Boeing 777-300ER
QR 93/94
QR 95/96

Amsterdam AMS
Boeing 777-300ERQR 273/27483%
London-Heathrow LHR
United Kingdom
Boeing 777-300ERQR 1/2
QR 7/8
Manchester MAN
United Kingdom
Boeing 777-300ERQR21/22
Paris CDG
Airbus A350-1000QR 37/38
QR 41/42
Milan MXP
Airbus A350-900
Boeing 787-8
Airbus A350-900
QR 117/172
QR 123/124
QR 127/128



DestinationAircraftFlight Number%
Bangkok BKK
Boeing 777-300ERQR 830/83158%
Bangalore BLR
Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A350-900
QR 572/5730%
Mumbai BOM
Boeing 777-300ERQR 556/55775%
Delhi DEL
Airbus A350-900
Airbus A330-200
QR 578/57933%
Lahore LHE
Boeing 777-300ERQR 620/621
QR 628/629
Colombo CMB
Sri Lanka
Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A330-200
QR 664/6650%
Hong Kong HKGAirbus A350-900QR 818/81717%
Maldives MLEBoeing 777-300ERQR 672/673
QR 676/677
Singapore SINAirbus A350-900QR 942/943
QR 946/947
Seoul ICN
South Korea
Boeing 777-300ERQR 858/859
Manila MNL
Boeing 777-300ERQR 928/929
QR 932/933
QR 934/935
Tokyo NRT
Boeing 777-300ERQR 806/80742%


DestinationAircraftFlight Number%
Adelaide ADL
Boeing 777-300ERQR 914/915100%
Auckland AKL
New Zealand
Boeing 777-300ERQR 914/915
via Adelaide
Brisbane BNE
Boeing 777-300ERQR 898/899100%
Melbourne MEL
Boeing 777-300ERQR 904/905
Perth PER
Boeing 777-300ER QR 900/901 100%


DestinationAircraftFlight Number%
Cape Town CPT
South Africa
Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A350-900
QR 1369/1370
QR 1371/1372
Durban DUR
South Africa
Boeing 777-200LRQR 1367/1368
via Johannesburg
Johannesburg JNB
South Africa
Boeing 777-200LRQR 1363/1364
QR 1365/1366
QR 1367/1368
QR 1377/1378


DestinationAircraftFlight Number%
Chicago ORD
Boeing 777-300ERQR 725/72683%
Houston IAH
Airbus A350-1000QR 713/71492%
New York JFK
Boeing 777-300ERQR 701/702
QR 705/706
Philadelphia PHL
Boeing 777-300ERQR 727/72825%
Boston BOS
Airbus A350-900QR 743/74433%
Washington D.C. IAD
Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A350-1000
QR 707/70885%
Miami MIA
Airbus A350-900QR 777/77892%
Seattle SEA
Boeing 777-300ERQR 719/720100%
San Francisco SFO
Airbus A350-1000QR 737/738100%
Los Angeles LAX
Airbus A350-1000QR 739/740
QR 741/742
Dallas DFW
Airbus A350-1000
Boeing 777-200LR
QR 729/730
QR 731/732
Montreal YUL
Boeing 777-300ERQR 763/76492%
São Paulo GRU
Boeing 777-300ERQR 773/774
QR 779/780

Middle East

According to their website, Qatar Airways also offers Qsuite services to Kuwait City, Muscat and Beyrut. However, these airports are served multiple times daily and rarely with long haul aircraft. It’s like a gamble to expect Qsuites on this particular routes.


Qatar Airways is set on retrofitting their older Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 777-200LR planes with Qsuites. In addition, every newly delivered A350-900, A350-1000 and Boeing 787-9 is equipped with Qsuites.

That gives you the following probabilities to enjoy the world’s finest Business Class:

  • Boeing 777-300ER B77W: 38 of 52 Planes = 73%
  • Boeing 777-200LR B77L: 7 of 9 Planes = 78%
  • Boeing 787-9 789: 7 of 7 Planes = 100%
  • Airbus A350-900 A359: 10 of 34 Planes = 29%
  • Airbus A350-1000 A35K: 19 of 19 Planes = 100%

Since Qatar Airways uses its retrofitted Boeing 777-300ER predominantly on the routes mentioned above, chances are higher than 69% on these. Therefore, chances are much lower on routes operated by 777-300ER, but unmentioned in this article.

Boeing 777-300ER

Qatar Airways first introduced the Qsuite on its Boeing 777-300ER fleet. QR operates more Boeing 777-300ER than any other type of aircraft. Therefore, there are more 777-300ER equipped with Qsuites than other plane types combined. Per aircraft are 42 or 24 seats available in the business class cabin.

The following planes have been retrofitted:

  1. A7-BAC
  2. A7-BAE
  3. A7-BAF
  4. A7-BAG
  5. A7-BAI
  6. A7-BAM
  7. A7-BAO
  8. A7-BAT (24 seats)
  9. A7-BAU (24 seats)
  10. A7-BAV (24 seats)
  11. A7-BAW (24 seats)
  12. A7-BAX (24 seats)
  13. A7-BAY (24 seats)
  14. A7-BAZ (24 seats)
  15. A7-BEA (24 seats)
  16. A7-BEB (24 seats)
  17. A7-BEC (24 seats)
  18. A7-BED
  19. A7-BEE
  20. A7-BEF
  21. A7-BEG
  22. A7-BEH
  23. A7-BEI
  24. A7-BEJ
  25. A7-BEK
  26. A7-BEL
  27. A7-BEM
  28. A7-BEN
  29. A7-BEO
  30. A7-BEP
  31. A7-BEQ
  32. A7-BER
  33. A7-BES
  34. A7-BET
  35. A7-BEU
  36. A7-BEV
  37. A7-BEW
  38. A7-BEX

Boeing 777-200LR

Boeing developed its 777-200LR (long range) for ultra-long-haul flights and Qatar Airways uses it accordingly by serving Houston, Auckland and São Paulo nonstop from Doha. None other member of QR’s fleet could operate these flights. Per aircraft are 42 seats available in the business class cabin.

The following planes are equipped with Qsuites:

  1. A7-BBA
  2. A7-BBB
  3. A7-BBC
  4. A7-BBD
  5. A7-BBE
  6. A7-BBG
  7. A7-BBI

Boeing 787-9

Just before the beginning of 2020, Qatar Airways took delivery of its first two Boeing 787-9. Because of the 787’s narrow fuselage, the dreamliners receive a slimmed down version of the Qsuite. Per aircraft are 30 seats available in the business class cabin.

  1. A7-BHA
  2. A7-BHB
  3. A7-BHC
  4. A7-BHD
  5. A7-BHE
  6. A7-BHF
  7. A7-BHG

Airbus A350-900

Being its launch customer in 2014, many of Qatar Airways’ A350-900 had already been delivered when the Qsuite concept was introduced. As a result, only a few planes have been delivered, including the new Business Class design. Per aircraft are 36 seats available in the business class cabin.

These planes are:

  1. A7-ALY
  2. A7-ALZ
  3. A7-AME
  4. A7-AMF (parked)
  5. A7-AMG (parked)
  6. A7-AMH (parked)
  7. A7-AMI (parked)
  8. A7-AMJ
  9. A7-AMK
  10. A7-AML

Currently, there are no plans to retrofit the remaining A350-900, since there are just four years old or even younger.

Airbus A350-1000

Qatar Airways is this type’s launch customer as well, receiving its first A350-1000 in early 2018. As a result, all planes of this type are and will be equipped with Qsuites. Per aircraft, 46 or 24 seats are available in the business class cabin.

  1. A7-ANA
  2. A7-ANB (parked)
  3. A7-ANC (parked)
  4. A7-AND (parked)
  5. A7-ANE (parked)
  6. A7-ANF (parked)
  7. A7-ANG (parked)
  8. A7-ANH (parked)
  9. A7-ANI
  10. A7-ANJ
  11. A7-ANK
  12. A7-ANL
  13. A7-ANM
  14. A7-ANN
  15. A7-ANO
  16. A7-ANP
  17. A7-ANQ
  18. A7-ANR
  19. A7-ANS
  20. A7-ANT (new)
  21. A7-AOA (24 Seats)
  22. A7-AOB (24 Seats)
  23. A7-AOC (24 Seats)
  24. A7-AOD (24 Seats)

Models without Qsuites

The following aircraft types are operated by Qatar Airways as well, but are not equipped with Qsuites. Some of them may be retrofitted, while some of them won’t:

  • Airbus A380-800: Won’t be retrofitted. On one hand, these planes are already equipped with a first class cabin. On the other hand, they will be phased out.
  • Boeing 787-8: Maybe retrofitted. They already have highly comfortable Reverse Herringbone seating, making a redesign less urgent.
  • Airbus A330-200/300: Maybe retrofitted. There is no long-term plan on whether QR intends to keep them as part of their fleet or not. They definitely won’t be retrofitted before the entire 777 fleet is done.
  • Airbus A340-600: Won’t be retrofitted. These planes will be phased out and replaced by more economically A350 jets.
  • Airbus A321/A320/A319: Can’t be retrofitted. These are single aisle planes, their cabin width is not designed to economically operate Qsuites.

Will there be Qsuite service on my flight?

Qatar Airways has started to officially advertised Qsuites when booking on their own website. Connections that feature only Qsuites have a small Q badge:


If your itinerary features Qsuite and non-Qsuite segments, each flight receive individual treatment. Click the flight details button to get further information:

qsuite 1

The best way to make sure your flight will be operated using Qsuites in Business Class is to have a look at the seat map.

We recommend doing this is using ExpertFlyer. The Qsuite is easily recognizable as in the picture below by the spacious 1-2-1 arrangement with alternating seats:

Expertflyer Qatar QSuite Seatmap
Qsuite seatmap at ExpertFlyer.

What to do if there is no Qsuite service?

If your booking has been explicitly advertised as Qsuite service, but a last minute aircraft change denies you that experience, Qatar Airways has started to offer you alternatives. In those cases, you can change your flight dates once within a ±21 day time frame or select an alternative airport within 500 miles of your orginal origin/destination free of charge. If that doesn’t suite you (pun intended), you can cancel your booking and receive a full refund.

Qsuite Tweet

However, Qatar Airways itself will not notify you before a change of flight equipment. You’ll have to monitor the flight yourself.


The introduction of Qsuites does not go as smooth and quickly as planned. Because of this, Qatar Airways is too often unable to reassure passengers whether Qsuites will be available or not. The replacement of flight equipment and a resulting change of Business Class product happens too often, and mostly without notice.

Have you found any destinations with a high probability or certainty of Qsuit service? Be sure to leave a comment!

Frequently Asked Question

Will there be Qsuite service on my flight?

The easiest way to find out is having a look at the seat map of your seat map of your flight. We provide you more information in this paragraph: Will there be Qsuite service on my flight?
Sadly, Qatar Airways can alter scheduled planes at any time. You need to check the seat map reguarly.

What can I do when there is Qsuite service?

Little, since you have no claim to be seated in a Qsuite seat. Qatar Airways only sells business class tickets, so any business class product shall suffice. If Qsuite service was advertised for your routing (which QR solemnly does on their website), you can ask Qatar Airways to rebook on a flight that does feature Qsuites. The best way to do this is via Facebook or Twitter. You will experience much more friendly and helpful personnel than on their hotline.

How can I reserve specific seats?

After your booking, you can do this via Qatar Airways hotline. Sadly, there is no opportunity to do this online. Even if middle seats appear to be blocked on ExpertFlyer, more often than not you can still request them on the hotline.

Cover Picture: © Qatar Airways

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  1. Ben says:

    Excellent overview. Thank you. Is it up to date in April 2023? Thanks

  2. Antjuan says:

    Could you update this page for the statistics to ATL? Qatar does fly to ATL and claims it to be QSuite. Thanks.

  3. Bernard says:

    What happened on the AU/NZ routes over the last couple of weeks? They were current until early October (except PER), and now they’re all missing. Manual checks look like they’re still pretty reliably sending QSuites 777s on the nonA380 routes.

  4. Niklas says:

    Brisbane seems to be a new QSuite Route. I just booked an award from Frankfurt for August. I checked the flights of the last days in flight radar and all planes flying this route were equipped with QSuite.

  5. Mark Rizzo says:

    Qatar also flies QSuites to Seoul-Incheon- I’ve flown on it right before the pandemic started around late January 2020 for a business trip. I’ve also been tracking these flights on Flightradar24 the past month or so and all of their 777s were on the list for QSuites. They made this announcement last year in 2020:

    • Felix says:

      Hi Mark!
      Thanks for the update. We have been neglecting this article a bit due to the pandemic. We will bring it up to date in the coming weeks.

  6. Pablo says:

    Please add aircraft registration A7-BAY (B777-300ER) to the list. It now has Q Suites too. 🙂

  7. Denise says:

    Am going to be flying from Chicago ORD to Doha in July 2021. Qatar presently shows Q suites from an A350 but goes back to the old business class seats in the 777-300 starting in February 2021. Do you know why? Do you think the ORD-DOH route might get the new retrofitted Q suites next year or the seat set up they show will probably be what I will get?

    • Felix says:

      Hi Denise!
      Unfortunately, our ability to see in to the future is just as good as yours. Since the demand for air travel is currently unpredictable, airlines change schedules a lot – any information they, or we, can provide is rather unreliable. Especially that far into the future I cannot give you a qualified answer. The only thing I can say for certain is that I hold my thumbs for you to have a Qsuite ride to Doha. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

  8. Richard says:

    Hi Felix, although not advertised on their website, on Monday 30th March, Qatar Airways started Qsuite service to their new destination in Australia: Brisbane, QR912/913. Service to Adelaide was canceled. I do not know if destination Brisbane will be offered only temporarily and if the discontinued service to Adelaide will be restarted.

    • Felix says:

      Hi Richard!
      Thanks for the information, I will keep an eye on that. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we will be updating this article later this year. Since so many flights are cancelled or changed, our probabilities are currently as useful as a spear made out of chocolate.

  9. Ian Smith says:

    Q- Suite on QR171/2 ARN is a real lottery, because one day a 350-900 will turn up without Q-Suites, the second day a 350- 1000 will turn up with Q-Suites and then on the third day a 777-300 with old style seats will turn up. These changes are very last minute so no chance of contacting Qatar and requesting alternatives. Assume Check-in is also a nightmare especially when a family had a quad together. Couples on board would not be happy either, because often separated. I can fully understand the odd aircraft change, but this kind of policy is unfair and
    detrimental to their passengers.

  10. Richard says:

    Hi Felix, I notice QR is flying a Qsuites equipped B777-300 on the DOH-DPS route QR962/963 as of 1 December. They also changed equipment on the QR960/961 route that same day. This service is now operated by a B788 Dreamliner. I booked QR962 in June 2020 but did not see my seat map change to Qsuites yet. Do you know if this route will be served with a Qsuites equipped aircraft in 2020?

    • Felix says:

      Hi Richard! Thanks for your hint, I’ve added the flight to our overview so you can check the probability. I cannot predict whether you’ll get Qsuite service or not – but you can check by searching for DOH-DPS flights on your exact travel dates on Qatar Airways’ website from time to time. If QR is sure they’ll deploy a Qsuite fitted aircraft on your flight, the flight will be marked with an “Q” badge.

  11. Gaspi says:

    Hi there we booked AMS-DPS-AMS for christmas as it was advertised with Q-suites, still is, but I do not find anyone who has effectively already flown that route with Q-suites. Anyone? Thanks!

  12. Donald says:

    Qatar is changing the Stockholm rout QR171/172, during Oct is A350-900 without q-suite. Nov-Jan is A350-1000, and from Feb its B777-300ER with q-suite

  13. Richard says:

    Hi Felix, currently, a Qsuite equipped B777-300ER is flying the DOH-ADL route.

  14. Richard says:

    Hi Felix, the B777-300ER aircraft flying DOH-PER on flights QR900/901 are also equipped with Qsuites. This route has been added as a Qsuite destination on Qatar Airways’ website.

  15. Richard says:

    Correction: it was a B777-300ER

  16. Richard says:

    Hi Felix, my flight from TXL to DOH was in Qsuites after all, in a A350-900. QR81/82 I flew in, had the smallest Qsuite cabin, only 6 rows. Due to the configuration, forward facing seats offer much more privacy than backward facing Qsuites.

  17. Kate says:

    I am flying from DOH back to ATL on 9/30 and my aircarft was just switched from A350-900s to B777-200LR. Map configuration is for the old aircraft but I find it interesting that all of the side seats (2 on the left and 2 on the right) only have one seat available and they moved me to the middle with my toddler, while on A350-900s I booked one seat in the middle and one seat by the window (A350-900s does not have a good access to adjacent seat in the middle). I hope this will end up to being a reconfigured aircraft and we get to experience QSuite as the old B777-200LR is pretty underwhelming.

  18. Patrick says:

    Hi Felix, I booked from Madrid to Bangkok via Doha in may 2020, Qatar said flight 833 will have qsuite, since they do not fly to Madrid with the new business class at least I booked this on flight out of 4 to enjoy the new product but now even this flight is old business class.
    Do you think in may 2020 i can be lucky and fly the new qsuite on flight 833 to bangkok or perhaps from doha to madrid on 777 and 350? Thanks!

    • Felix says:

      Hi Patrick!
      Unfortunately, I can see into the future just about as well as you. Since QR833 is currently operated with 77W, your chances defintely increase as more and more of these planes get retrofitted. But since neither BKK nor MAD are business heavy destinations, QR surely does not prioritize them in their Qsuite scheduling.

  19. Mike says:

    Your % are so wrong, I checked by my self for a few destination where you put 0% and it was at least 80% operated WITH Qsuite.

  20. Matt says:

    Qatar are changing their a350 qr914/915 doh to adl as of the sixth of Sept to the 30th of Sept. Online seat selection has a B777-300er qsuite configured seat layout. Will be flying these flights 07/09 & 23/09 will report back if equipment gets changed to their standard business class.

  21. Richard says:

    Flying from Berlin to Singapore and back shortly. Unfortunately not entirely in Qsuites. Seat map TXL-DOH is ‘old style’ business class although every flight was equipped with Qsuites until now. By the way, when booking business class, you can choose your seat immediately after booking your flight. Keep in mind equipment may change, as I have experienced now with my flight from TXL to DOH. I’ll keep you updated.

  22. Richard says:

    Hi Felix, QR flies from Doha to Sydney, onwards to Canberra and back. Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are also QR destinations. QR914/915 to and from Adelaide is operated by a Qsuite equipped A350-900.

    • Felix says:

      Hi Richard! Thanks for advice concerning Adelaide. We’ve added it to the list and check the other destinations you’ve mentioned.

  23. Jack says:

    Stockholm has no Qsuites for the moment

  24. Alex says:

    Hi. On Qatars website it shows MXP DOH flights 118 and 124 as Qsuites flights. I precisely booked 118 and got no qsuites in the seating map. Anyway read a lot about people getting qsuites in the last moment in that particular flight so I will keep my hope. Anyway have 2 guaranteed qsuites in flight to Singapur and flight home to Buenos Aires. And will be crossing fingers until I get to Milan.

    • Felix says:

      Since QR doesn’t want unhappy customers, they won’t confirm Qsuite service until they’re sure they can offer it. Best of luck for your QR 118 booking – and enjoy your flight either way!

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