Review: Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge – The Garden in Doha

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Gartenblick

In addition to the well-known Al Mourjan Lounge in the south wing, Qatar Airways opened another lounge for business class passengers last year. Meanwhile, the temporary “Business Lounge North” has been converted into a lounge for status holders with a poorer offering.

I recently flew Qatar business class for the first time and deliberately scheduled a 10-hour layover in Doha. That gave me enough time to thoroughly test all the (dis)comforts of the lounge. In the following lines, you’ll find out what you can eat, whether the rest areas live up to their promises, and why noise-cancelling headphones might actually be a good idea. The review of the Qatar QSuite will follow soon in another post.


The Garden and its associated lounge are located in the north area of the C-terminal at Doha Airport. Recently, an indoor garden called The Orchard was opened there.

Lounge Uebersicht Doha 1
The large selection of lounges in Doha

To get there, there are two options. Either walk straight ahead towards Gates C10 and up or take the people-mover. The walk from security should take about 10 – 15 minutes. The train is slightly faster, saving you a few hundred steps.

There are some signs, but sometimes it’s not entirely clear where to go. If coming from the train, you must first go down to the main terminal area and then left past the Oreo Café. Shortly after, you will encounter four elevators and a large Louis Vuitton logo.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Fahrstuehle Eingang
If you see the elevators, you’re on the right track


Access to the Al Mourjan Lounge is already checked directly in front of the elevators. The staff is probably there for a good reason because the rejection rate is likely much higher than in many other business lounges worldwide.

Those who only have a frequent flyer status do not get access to the Al Mourjan Lounge. At the same time, even the cheapest business class tickets (Light fare) no longer include access to the lounge. In the Al Mourjan Lounge South, I promptly witnessed another business passenger’s access being refused because he was unaware of such a restriction. And I consider the whole “Business Light” concept to be a mistake anyway.

But enough of the fundamental discussion and on to the group of people who are not rejected. Access is granted to:

  • Travellers with a business class ticket from Qatar Airways & the Oneworld Alliance (except in Qatar Airways’ Business Light fare – booking class P)
  • Travellers with a first ticket from Qatar Airways & the Oneworld Alliance (+ 1 guest)
  • Travellers arriving with a business / first class ticket from the Oneworld Alliance (minimum 5 hours flight duration) and continuing in economy (unconfirmed)
  • Travellers with Qatar Airways who are willing to pay for access (usually over €100)


With the elevator, you then go up to the lounge. Barely arrived there, an impressive, huge counter catches the eye, which can handle matters such as seat changes, printing boarding passes, etc.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Rezeption 1
The impressive front desk

Overall, the Al Mourjan Lounge measures over 7,000 square meters. In other words: it’s huge. And to think that the second Al Mourjan Lounge in the south of the terminal offers even more space.

And so I felt a little lost when I started my tour of the lounge around 8 a.m. The guests could be counted on one hand, while more than 30 staff members were bustling around the lounge.

The lounge itself is divided into two equally sized wings (West and East). In between is a small lounge with Louis Vuitton branding. I didn’t take a close look at the latter. The concept of a “lounge within a lounge” is touted by Qatar as a world first. Ultimately, however, it’s nothing more than an overpriced restaurant within an already exclusive waiting area. In my opinion, this concept somewhat detracts from the entire lounge as those who are content with the “free” catering are somewhat relegated to second-class guests.

The Louis Vuitton Lounge looks nice, but the experience is not exactly cheap. For instance, scrambled eggs cost almost €17:

If you like, you can lock your hand luggage in the luggage room. There is plenty of space:

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Schliessfaecher 1

First, I went to the West Wing. The seating there consists of armchairs, armchairs, and more armchairs. Everything looks very impressive:

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Atmosphaere 2

Many armchairs are simply arranged in large groups, but some face towards the terminal (great view) or offer a bit more privacy through walls. In addition, there are a few seats at a long table that are suitable for working.

In between, there is a small buffet (croissants, baklava, drinks, coffee machine) and further back, a bar. The bar not only offers drinks but also snacks and desserts. Upon request, they can also be brought to the seat. More on that below.

If you want peace and quiet, you have two options:

  • Some seats are shielded from the outside world on the right rear
  • In the West Wing, there are rest areas that can be reserved on request

The East Wing of the lounge is similar in layout but also houses the dining area. There, you can either sit comfortably at 2-person tables, 4-person tables, or several bar tables and be served personally.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Essensbereich 1

No matter where you sit in the lounge – the namesake Garden (with real trees) is always in sight. You almost feel like you’re in Singapore.

The open design of the lounge is both a blessing and a curse: on the one hand, the atmosphere is really great, and you feel a bit like you’re in a rainforest. On the other hand, any noise from the terminal enters the lounge unhindered. This would come back to haunt me on this day because due to construction work in the terminal, there were constantly jackhammers, angle grinders, and/or similar tools to be heard. If there hadn’t been a longer lunch break in between, I would probably have fled soon. This completely contradicts the purpose of a lounge as a haven of peace.

Certainly, such noise in the terminal doesn’t occur every day, so I can’t deduct too many points for it. I also have no problem with a few boarding announcements. But I’ve never experienced such noise disturbance at any airport. At least I was warned about it when entering the lounge.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Sitze Aussicht 2 1
The view of the terminal has its upsides and downsides

Overall, the lounge doesn’t seem quite as classy as the Al Mourjan Lounge in the southern area. However, it also has its positive aspects. As stylish as the lounge in the southern area of the terminal is, I found the architecture there a bit oppressive. I prefer the open design in the Garden Lounge.

Food & Drinks

The 10-hour layover provided a good opportunity to thoroughly test the catering. And there is no shortage of food in the lounge. There are three ways to dine in total.


Adjacent to the dining area is a small buffet with self-service food. I refrained from indulging here to test the dishes from the à la carte menu instead. The buffet offered, among other things:

  • Stir-fried noodles with shrimp
  • Chicken in sauce
  • Beef strips
  • Leaf salad with avocado
  • Arabic pickled vegetables
  • Caesar salad with chicken
  • Orange juice
  • Various pastries and (dry) cake

Taste-wise, the dishes I tried were okay, but nothing more. You could tell that some of the food had been sitting around for a while. However, when there are so few guests in the lounge, you can’t expect everything to be replaced every 30 minutes.

À la Carte

I had breakfast in the “old” Al Mourjan Lounge in the south. The à la carte dining menu is exactly the same in both lounges. Here’s a look at the breakfast menu and the Eggs Royale (Eggs Benedict with salmon).


The current menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can always be found here. It seems there’s some variation every month.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Eggs Benedict
Eggs Royale – in this case in the other Al Mourjan Lounge in the main terminal

After tea time, I continued with a late lunch. The offering was just as good as at breakfast and included:

  • Beef steak with sauce and vegetables
  • Chicken Machboos (Bahraini chicken dish)
  • Shrimp with lemon butter sauce
  • Pappardelle (pasta) with tomato sauce
  • Paneer Tikka Masala (vegetarian)
  • Vegan mushroom risotto

You can also have sushi from the neighbouring bar or a custom-made salad delivered to your table.

By the way, the menu is only available via QR code on your smartphone, which doesn’t quite match the otherwise elegant impression. However, you still order from the waiter. Here’s the menu from April:

I didn’t need to be told twice when it came to steak, so that was the first thing on my table. It was perfectly medium-rare and just as delicious as it looks. In direct comparison, even the Air Canada Signature Suite, my previous favourite for lounge steak, falls short.

To add some variety, I later had a portion of lamb kebab. Despite what was said when ordering, it was a bit spicy but still good.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Huhn

Overall, it’s impressive what the Al Mourjan Lounge has to offer. The food is hard to beat, and even many first-class lounges can’t compare.

For dessert, I had a serving of vanilla ice cream. It wasn’t bad, but nothing more:

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Eis

(Snack) Bars

There are several bars scattered throughout the lounge that serve not only drinks but also small snacks. At one of the bars, there were various quiches and calzones to choose from. I like that you can see the food directly:

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Sandwich Bar

The selection of sushi was also impressive. There are various types to choose from, including “American” varieties like the Inside Out Roll. The sushi was surprisingly good and even tasted a bit better to me than in the JAL First Class Lounge in Tokyo (although not as authentic).

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Sushi

Later, it was time for some dessert. So, I ordered two pieces of cake, both of which were convincing. Both taste and appearance deserve an A+.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Kuchen


Qatar Airways doesn’t skimp on the selection of drinks either. Here’s the drink menu:

The champagne seems to be priced around €50 per bottle, which is about average. However, the selection of cocktails seems rather basic. Expert opinions on the alcohol selection are welcome in the comments, as I don’t drink.

I was particularly impressed by the mocktail with kiwi juice and fruit pieces. I must have had four or five of them during my several-hour stay.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Kiwi Mocktail 1
Mocktail Kiwi in Charge


The service experience was primarily influenced by how empty the lounge was during my stay. Accordingly, the service was quick and attentive. I never had to wait long for my food orders or even wave down a waiter. It’s like they could read my mind.

When I ordered sushi and desserts at the bar, the staff offered to deliver them directly to my table, and they did. I didn’t even have to mention where to find me.

The only exception was a staff member at the shower reception who seemed a bit reserved and not necessarily friendly. However, this was balanced out by the very friendly waiter shortly thereafter. So, I can almost give full marks for the service as well.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Wasser hochkant 1
Nothing to do with service, but here’s another picture of the ambience

Quiet Rooms

The lounge has quite a few Quiet Rooms (specifically, 24), just like its counterpart in the south. After “only” sleeping for 4 hours on the plane, the idea of catching up on some sleep in the lounge sounded great. There’s a separate reception for the quiet rooms. There, I was asked for my boarding pass, assigned a room number, and escorted there.

Moving on to the positive: The Quiet Rooms are indeed quiet. There was no noise from the construction in the terminal. The rooms are also larger than some hotel rooms and similarly stylishly furnished as the rest of the lounge. These rooms can accommodate either one or two people per room.

However, there’s a lack of comfort. There’s no proper bed, only a reclined lounge chair. It’s about the most uncomfortable thing you can offer a side sleeper like me. On top of that, it’s quite wobbly. Qatar Airways also only provides a blanket, but no pillow. So, I had to adjust the chair a bit so I could at least lean my head against the wall.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Ruheraum
Wasted potential: The lounge chair. Sleeping on the carpet is probably a better choice.
QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Ruheraum fuer 2
You can also get a similar room for two

I was tired enough to nap for about 20 minutes despite all that. Then suddenly, the light in the room came on, and I don’t know why. The light switches are weird anyway.

There’s also a small refrigerator in the room with several bottles of water (sparkling and still). If you like, you could also work at the desk. However, there’s only a small stool without a backrest for that purpose.

But all of this is nitpicking at a very high level. If there hadn’t been any Quiet Rooms at all, I wouldn’t even have been able to criticize. But if you’re going to make the effort, please provide a somewhat comfortable option for a nap.

As for the reasons for the opposite decision, I can only speculate. So, I’ll just take a wild guess:

  • If they were comfortable, there might be too much demand during peak times, and the rooms would be constantly occupied (hence the issue with the light?)
  • They don’t want the Al Mourjan Lounge to cannibalize the Quiet Rooms of the First Class Lounge. Because there, they really have small hotel rooms with proper beds.

In any case, it can’t be because of the size of the rooms, as there would certainly be enough space for a bed. Priority Pass holders (including those from Amex) can alternatively use the Nap Cabins by Sleep and Fly for 2 to 3 hours for free. Next time, I’ll probably try this option if they’re available.


There are more than 20 showers in the lounge, so I don’t expect long queues even during peak times. To use them, you have to sign up at a separate reception and show your boarding pass again.

To my surprise, these private rooms don’t have a toilet. There’s only a sink and a shower cabin. As a result, they’re relatively small. Points are also deducted for the faucet. It’s controlled by a hand sensor and is therefore not suitable for brushing teeth. Plus, the water pressure is incredibly low, and it takes ages to get the toothbrush clean.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Duschraum


The toilets are clean and well-maintained. There are small cloth towels for drying hands. Here’s a look into the men’s restroom:

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Bad 1

As one of the few airport lounges worldwide, the Al Mourjan Garden Lounge features an integrated gym. I asked to have a quick look, and I was led in by a man in an Adidas suit. In addition to changing rooms, there are two treadmills, two stationary bikes, weights, and so on.

QR Al Mourjan Lounge DOH Garden Fitness

Furthermore, there’s the option to book a paid massage in the spa area. That’s a bit weak, considering that there are several other lounges that offer this for free.

WiFi is, of course, available free of charge. The internet speed was not impressive; I’ve had better speeds on a plane. However, the provided 20 Mbps is sufficient for work:

I was puzzled that the Telegram Messenger seemed to be blocked on the WiFi. I could only access it using a VPN. However, I couldn’t find any further information about this online, so it doesn’t seem to be a Qatar-wide issue.

There are power outlets and USB charging ports almost everywhere in the lounge. The only place they’re missing is at the dining tables. However, this isn’t a big problem since the bar stools there provide a similarly good alternative.


When listing the pros and cons like this, the list seems almost balanced. However, the lounge scores highly in almost all key aspects, while the criticisms are mostly related to minor issues:


  • Huge amount of space
  • Excellent selection of food & drinks
  • Friendly, attentive service
  • Consistent, open design


  • Shower rooms are not very well thought out
  • Uncomfortable recliner chairs
  • Noise from the terminal seeps into the lounge
  • No access in the Business Light fare or for status customers
Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge The Garden (Doha)
  • Comfort & Facilities
  • Food & Drinks
  • Service
  • Extras

The Al Mourjan Lounge in the Garden is undoubtedly one of the best business lounges worldwide. The decor is impressive, the atmosphere is great (when there’s no construction noise), and the food leaves little to be desired. Even when it gets a bit busier, the lounge is a clear recommendation.

I struggled a bit with the star rating. As great as the lounge is, there are many aspects where it doesn’t seem quite thought out and that result in deductions. For instance, a large quiet room isn’t very useful if you can’t sleep well there. Also, the question arises: What good is the best lounge in the world if business travellers have to pay an additional €200 just to get in?

Translated by Ditmar

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