Review of KLM’s Premium Comfort Class – the Newest Premium Economy on the Market

klm premium fenster

Since this summer, KLM has not only been flying with two travel classes (economy and business class) but a premium economy has now also been installed in some aircraft. It is called Premium Comfort Class at KLM and will gradually be added to the rest of the Boeing long-haul fleet by January 2024. We took a closer look at this brand-new product on a flight from Houston to Amsterdam.

Here are the facts about the flight:

  • Flight: KL662 from Houston to Amsterdam (IAH-AMS)
  • Seat: 15C
  • Plane: Boeing 787-10 (PH-BKC, delivered October 2019)
  • Scheduled time of departure: 15:00 15:45
  • Actual time of departure: 16:07
  • Scheduled time of arrival: 7:15 8:05
  • Actual time of arrival: 7:41
  • Scheduled flight duration: 9:15 9:20
  • Actual flight duration: 8:35
  • Month: October 2022


At the end of September, I spontaneously decided to travel to the USA again in October. The prices were not exactly deal-worthy at such short notice, but one connection seemed interesting. From my hometown of Hamburg to Houston in KLM’s brand-new premium economy for €1,000. Not a bargain, but getting to know the new travel class appealed to me. I wasn’t averse to the warm Texan temperatures either and found about 15,000 miles to be an attractive yield.

Actually, not too much should go wrong with a booking when the flight takes place in less than 2 weeks. One would think so, but no, rarely things went more wrong. First, about a week before the flight, an e-mail came that the plane had been exchanged. Now there would no longer be a premium economy, so I would now be seated in economy class.

The hotline then also wanted me to believe that there was no other flight to the USA that still had premium economy seats available. After 2 days of phone calls and a lot of research, the Delta Platinum hotline finally rebooked me to Hamburg-Amsterdam-Detroit-Houston. Now again in (Delta’s) premium economy, departing one day earlier.

But that was not the end of the rebooking adventure. Because the evening before the flight, there was another email from KLM that my flight from Hamburg to Amsterdam had been cancelled. The other flights to Amsterdam were also fully booked. So, hotline again, and after 3 hours the final routing was in place, now again a day later, again via Detroit with Delta. Luckily I had the return flight to test KLM’s Premium Comfort and compared to the troubles on the outbound flight, the 45-minute delay on the return flight was a joke.

The point of this story is that I was only able to get these issues solved because I booked on Delta’s website and their hotline was extremely helpful. In the end, they even put me in business class on HAM-AMS to make it work. The KLM hotline was not helpful and basically only offered me a downgrade to economy class.

Check-in & Boarding

Premium Comfort passengers have access to all SkyPriority services:

  • Priority check-in and baggage drop-off
  • Fast lane at the security checkpoint
  • Priority boarding

As a status member, I had these benefits anyway, plus lounge access. Nevertheless, this is a nice advantage that many other airlines (e.g. Lufthansa) do not offer in premium economy. The separate counter at check-in and the fast lane at the security check (caution, not at all airports) save you about an hour – and as we all know, time is money!

However, the priority boarding queue was correspondingly long. Nevertheless, boarding went so smoothly that I was on the plane within 3 minutes despite being almost at the end of the priority queue.


Let’s get to the supposedly most interesting part. What do the seats look like and what functionalities do they offer? It immediately catches the eye that the seats are very wide. Here they were installed in a 2-3-2 arrangement, and I was sitting in the last row on the aisle. The premium economy cabin is separated from the economy class by a partition wall, which I personally like very much.

The superbly padded seats each have a reading light, side storage compartment, footrest, universal power socket and USB and USB-C port. There is also a large screen on the backrest of the front seat, as well as two additional pockets for stowing a mobile phone, book or something similar. In addition, the (pleasantly large) table is located in an armrest.

The sitting comfort is very high. I didn’t find the angle of the backrest completely convincing for sleeping, but the seat was so wide that I could practically sleep sideways with my legs bent – I hadn’t been able to do that in other premium economy seats. Overall, I was very happy with the seat – slightly more so when sitting than when sleeping.

Food & Drinks

Printed menus were distributed even before departure (only in English). Shortly after departure, we got the first round of drinks and some nuts. Dinner was served a little later.

The starter was a crab salad with shrimp. The choice of main course was:

  • Arancini balls with mozzarella
  • Grilled chicken fillet with roasted potatoes
  • Cold Thai beef salad with sliced scallions

I chose the chicken and was very happy with it, both in quantity, taste and presentation. For dessert, we got Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream. It was delicious, but also hard as a rock.

At breakfast, the menu actually said French toast and custard (yummy yummy), but what I got was salmon, cheese, turkey, and half a boiled egg. It was all delicious and tasted better than most plane breakfasts I’ve ever had – but I still wonder where the French toast I’ve been waiting for has gone.

klm premium breakfast
Tasty, but where’s my french toast?


As we were only about 7 people in the entire premium economy, the service was both fast and very personal and friendly, e.g. the passengers were addressed by their last names. The stewardess also quickly noticed that I prefer to drink milk. That’s why I was offered milk again and again after the second round of drinks. There was also time for a short friendly chat occasionally, and at night the stewardess also came along with water a few times.

While dinner was luckily served (and cleared away) very soon after departure, I was very annoyed with the timing of breakfast, which was served a full 2 hours before landing. After all, on a flight under 9 hours, it’s hard enough to get enough hours of sleep after dinner.

To wake people up 2 hours before landing for a breakfast that could easily have been served to the 7 passengers an hour later makes no sense to me. It wasn’t even logical in terms of the time, since it was 5:40 Amsterdam time and 22:40 Houston time. Everyone ate their breakfast in about 15 minutes and then sat around for over an hour and a half with the cabin lights fully lit. And no one was able to sleep again. By the way, economy class was also almost empty, so that can’t have been the reason either.


As already mentioned, each seat has a touch screen, which is significantly larger than in economy class, but of course smaller than in business class. There are several films and series to choose from, but there are no live TV channels. The Wi-Fi was broken on my flight. But the large selection of films was more than enough entertainment for me, coupled with a few rounds of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? from the games collection.

In premium economy, you also get noise-cancelling headphones. The brand is not stated, but they seemed to be of reasonable quality. Only the right side worked on mine, but that’s definitely an isolated case and not generally the case, and I surely could have asked for another pair.

klm premium headphones

Amenity Kit

The amenities don’t come in a kit, as is usually the case, but in a (rather ugly) bag. This thin cloth sack contains a toothbrush and chewable toothpaste. There is also an eye mask and a tiny ballpoint pen. All in all, a rather below-average content.

klm premium amenity kit inhalt


KLM Premium Economy (Premium Comfort)
  • Booking
  • Check-in & Boarding
  • Sitting comfort
  • Sleeping comfort
  • Food & Drinks
  • Service
  • In-Flight-Entertainment
  • Amenity Kit

In KLM’s Premium Comfort, you’ll sit fabulously in comfortable, wide seats. You can also sleep relatively well. At least until you are woken up unnecessarily 2 hours before landing. So while the seat is at the very highest level, the rest at KLM is often a bit disappointing. From the unmotivated hotline not helping to avoid a downgrade to the rather uninspired amenity kit, there is a lot of room for improvement here. Nevertheless, I really liked the KLM premium economy (at least more than KLM partner Air France’s). I will definitely book again.

Cover Picture: Ditmar Lange

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Comments (31)

  1. Than Dihn says:

    air france “premium” economy is horrible food bad almost same as economy and the hard product disgusting– very cheap and it may look like they took lessons from us empire airlines and their greedy capitalistic ways.

  2. Pascal pierre says:

    I have not tried klm premium yet, but as said by some here, airfrance is bad. I flew premium from Chicago to Paris and there was no menu no pre departure drink, and on top of that, food was economy food served with bamboo cutlery. breakfast is no existent. I remember being served real bread now it’s a tasteless bun. I only fly premium when the price is right and not in the thousands. Delta is even better . foodwise it’s japan airlines which gave me the best experience xith 42 inch pitch and great food. I hope airfrance will change their offer because as a platinum member I fly skyteam but rarely AF unless it’s business.

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      I agree 100%. I avoid flying Air France whenever possible, and their premium economy is the worst I’ve ever flown in. The seat is quite bad, and the service is horrendous.

      • PASCAL PIERRE says:

        yep, so sad they cannot do something about that stupid breakfast doggybag….à real breakfast like the ones served by turkish, emirates or any premium airline would do. paying twice economy and only enjoy a hard seat is not worth the €€€€.🤔🫣

  3. Ralf says:

    the strange thing is that for example in the review of Singapore premium seats it’s said they werent that wide and these klm are.
    but if we see the specifications and for example seat guru the seats in Singapore long/ultra long hauls are wider compared to klm’s.

    this and a few more things made me raise my eyebrows about the reviews.

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      Yeah, I noticed that too. My guess is that the specifications measure something else, e.g. that they include the armrest instead of only the seat surface. I stand by my opinion, though. Furthermore, on a later KLM flight, I realized that the armrest next to the aisle can be lowered completely, widening your sitting surface even more – which is not possible in SQ’s premium economy.

  4. Dave says:

    Looks nice but also looks like something that should be priced at maybe 50% more than economy, not 3x the cost of economy. It would be really nice to see them offer an easy way for FB/Delta elites to upgrade to these seats at the airport/gate. Sadly, current Skyteam prices across the atlantic are very high in premium economy (around 1800€ ex-Europe and almost 4000€ ex-US for the routes I usually fly) and that’s just crazy for a seat like this that doesn’t even recline enough to get comfortable sleep, not to mention AF’s outdated product or DL’s new “premium select” which I found an absolutely terrible rip off.


    I think Airfrance premium economy is only worth the money when the price is reasonable and not twice or three times economy. Food is so so…. and breakfast is awful. You get a small bag with a muffin and a yogurt. So it’s not difficult to offer better options. KLM is good when it comes to food. Maybe AF should offer a proper breakfast instead of a cup of champagne in economy. I prefer KLM to AF and when have the choice, I choose KLM:)
    As for business, AF and KLM offer good seats and good food but premium economy is just a rip off. Seats are awful too.

  6. Hugh G Rection says:

    KLM better than AF? Hard to believe. Have flown a bunch on both (Gold Skyteam) in biz & eco, and much prefer food & service on AF. Not to mention that hideous blue uniform worn on KL, as well as the whole haughty Dutch attitude

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      Well, after a 14-hour daytime flight with Air France, where the crew didn’t even stop by once during the entire flight to offer drinks between the meals, and then served a tiny breakfast at 20:00 before landing instead of a proper meal, my view of Air France’s “service” is quite negative, especially in Premium Economy – though I’ve experienced the same in economy class. Also, their seats really are nothing special, and rather uncomfortable for tall people.
      KLM’s uniforms need getting used to for sure, but I’ve always enjoyed their service, their seats are larger, and even in economy class frequent flyers at least get to sit in the more spacious economy comfort seats. KLM has them, Delta has them (Comfort+), Air France has no such thing.
      The only things I like about Air France are the uniforms, the safety instructions video, and the French ham and cheese in the lounge.

  7. Mags f says:

    Did you manage to get compensation from KLM? We’re booked to fly premium comfort next week and have had an email to say that service is no longer available on our plane and we’ve been downgraded to economy. No apologies, just been told to make a claim for compensation after our trip.

    • Felix says:

      Hi Mags! Ditmar is currently, and this isn’t a joke, on a KLM flight after the airline downgraded him from Premium Economy to Economy – again. He told me that you can try to reschedule to a different flight in premium economy or that the airline will reimburse you with 75% of the affected segment’s cost. Good luck with either of those!

  8. Karen O says:

    The food looks poorly presented. Hopefully they upgrade the meals. And yes that amenity looks looks US cheap. The KLM group needs to do things apart from the us and aim for true quality not a show of « quality ». Air France has been increasingly disappointing in this regard as their food and service are deplorable even in the premium cabins. Perhaps they’re resting on the fumes of the républiques’ reputation?

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      Totally agree with your stance on Air France. Their marketing is outstanding, their onboard service is among the worst. At least KLM does better in terms of service and unique little touches, such as those Bolls houses in business class.

  9. LAXtoAMSsoon says:

    Do you know if there was a vegetarian or vegan meal option available? Thanks.

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      The arancini balls with mozzarella seem to be a vegetarian option. If you’re a vegan, I’m pretty sure you can let them know during the booking process and get a vegan meal.

      • LAXtoAMSsoon says:

        Thanks. When I booked, there was no opportunity to specify the meal on my KLM flight. My return on Air France did allow selection of a vegan meal, though.
        I love arancini, but I actually no longer eat meat OR dairy as of last summer. 🙂 I’m sure I can manage with just the available side dishes, though. Danke sehr!

        • Ditmar Lange says:

          I have a KLM premium comfort flight in 3 weeks, and I was able to select a vegan meal in the KLM app. Maybe try that 🙂

          • LAXtoAMSsoon says:

            I’ll have a look. Thanks. And thanks for this informative article.

          • LAXtoAMSsoon says:

            I was able to do it on my laptop at KLM’s website. Just entered my Air France booking code, then added vegan pref to the KLM meal. Thanks again, Ditmar!

  10. Hanan says:

    Thank you for this article very helpful!

  11. Piet says:

    Unbearable lightness of life when you complain about the amenity kit (in particular when not stating what you would like to see instead). And ask your breakfast to be served at your personal time if they offer and you experience personal attention.

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      Hi Piet,
      first of all, I didn’t complain about the amenity kit. I just stated that it was below average because if I compare it to the other airlines that I’ve flown, it really was. Personally, I rarely ever use anything from the amenity kit.
      Regarding breakfast, even if I eat a bit later, I’ll still be woken up by the cabin lights, so that won’t make much of a difference. They could have waited a bit longer on such an empty plane before waking everyone up. Again, it’s not a huge problem, but what a bland review this would be if I didn’t care about the details.

  12. Scott Turnbull says:

    stewardess? flight attendant isn’t it.

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      According to Cambridge Dictionary, a stewardess is “a woman flight attendant”. A second source, Collins Dictionary: “A stewardess is a woman who works on a ship, plane, or train, looking after passengers and serving meals to them.”

  13. Eddie says:

    maybe in a review of a new seat in a new class of service you could include the seat dimensions. Quite an oversight, wouldn’t you agree?

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      Yeah, you’re right, though it’s not something that I personally measured. I can only tell you what KLM states on its website: 17 cm more legroom than in economy and 20 cm recline (sadly, they don’t state the angle).

  14. Lizzy Jesus says:


    • Ditmar Lange says:

      It’s one of my favourites, too. They have their weaknesses, but their in-flight product is top-notch in all travel classes.

  15. Gabe says:

    omg how many 600€ compensations you will have for these cancellations? That was a totally worthy flight 🙂

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      In theory, I should probably get 1x €600. Sadly, I filed the claim 3 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything from KLM.

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