BNESIM Coupon: 20% Discount on Your First eSIM Purchase

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BNESIM is a global Sim and eSIM Provider that has one distinct advantage over its competition: Your purchased data does not expire, you can keep using it after leaving and returning to a specific country.

We are currently happy to offer you a 20% Coupon for BNESIM’s eSIMs. You can only use it on your very first BNESIM purchase, but without any minimum spending.

20% BNESIM Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Valid until revoked for your first eSim purchase on BNESIM. Doesn't discount taxes. No minimum spending.
Valid until revoked for your first eSim purchase on BNESIM. Doesn't discount taxes. No minimum spending.

To get unlimited data, you need to select the ONE TIME data plans:

Purchase unlimited data on BNESIM.

BNESIM offer six different kinds of fares, that cover predetermined reasons. All in all, you can purchase mobile data in more than 200 countries around the globe. You can purchase eSIMs on their website, as well as using the BNESIM app. While prices are not the lowest, they are still competitive. If you don’t use much data, you can easily save a couple of bucks since you can use the data at a later time when other providers cut you off after 30 days, no matter how much GB you have left.

Redeem BNESIM Coupon

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to redeem your BNESIM Coupon

  1. Purchase plan and proceed to check-out

    After selecting an BNESIM data package, proceed to check-out. You find a box to use your coupons there.
    BNESIM Gutschein Schritt 1

  2. Enter your code

    A pop-up window opens, asking you to enter your code. Hit the add button first, then apply.
    BNESIM Gutschein Schritt 2

  3. Enjoy your discount

    If your code is valid, the discount is applied to your bill.
    BNESIM Gutschein Schritt 3

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Comments (4)

  1. Petar says:


    Tried this service 2 weeks ago in Turkey.
    Horrible slow.

    Got 2G Speeds (+/- 500kbit) in 4G Coverage.
    But the support and refund was quick and fast.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The price is ridiculous. You can get 10GB for 20% of that price from airalo, globalesim etc.

    • Felix says:

      Hi anonymous! The clue of the price is that you can use your data on multiple instances. But you are right, for one time users it’s not the cheapest choice.

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