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Simple is an eSIM store offering data plans for 69 countries around the globe. You can currently get a 10% discount on these plans with our exclusive coupon code:

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The coupon code is:
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Valid until withdrawn on all plans.
Valid until withdrawn on all plans.

eSimple offers packages for less than €10 for plenty of European countries. Sadly, the data packages are rather small, seldomly exceeding more than 5GB in that price range. Here are some examples (prices w/o the code):

  • France:
    • 1 GB, 3 Days for US$3 (~€3)
    • 10 GB, 30 Days for US$14 (~€13)
  • New Zealand:
    • 1 GB, 3 Days for US$3 (~€3)
    • 10 GB, 30 Days for US$13 (~€12)
  • Switzerland:
    • 1 GB, 3 Days for US$3 (~€3)
    • 10 GB, 30 Days for US$14 (~€13)
  • Taiwan:
    • 1 GB, 3 Days for US$5 (~€5)
    • 10 GB, 30 Days for US$19 (~€18)
  • United Kingdom:
    • 1 GB, 3 Days for US$4 (~€4)
    • 10 GB, 30 Days for US$14 (~€13)
  • USA:
    • 1 GB, 3 Days for US$4 (~€4)
    • 10 GB, 30 Days for US$14 (~€13)

Prices can get rather steep after leaving the 1GB territory. It’s also noteworthy that in many cases, the 5 GB, 10 days fare is just minimally cheaper than the 10 GB, 30 days plan. With the price difference often being $2 or less, it pays off to select the larger plan.

You need an eSIM compatible phone to use their offers. To find out if that is the case and also want to know how their services work, their FAQ section offers answers to a wide array of questions like these.

Since you won’t receive a physical card but an activation code after payment, you can switch back and forth between different plans when crossing borders. Just select a country, pay the fee and receive your code. But don’t forget to save 10% by using our coupon!

eSimple Anleitung

Despite being available for a limited amount of countries when compared to its competitors, eSimple offers a range of fairly competitive data packages.

Redeem eSimple Coupon Code

The code can be applied during check-out after selecting the data plan that matches your likes and needs. You will find the place to enter on the right side of your screen:

eSimple Gutscheinfeld

If your eSimple coupon code is valid, the corresponding amount will be deducted right away:

eSimple Gutschein eingeloest

You can use our code multiple times to save on more eSIMs.

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