Holafly Discount Code: 5% Off All eSims

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eSim provider Holafly has given out a coupon code that shaves 5% off their eSim fares. Holafly’s eSims don’t come with a phone number, so you can only use them for data roaming. As of now, the provider offers services covering more than 100 countries, some of them having unlimited data. For example, you can surf with unlimited data in the United States for five days for just €19.00 €18.05.

5% Holafly Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
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Valid until revoked on all eSims.
Valid until revoked on all eSims.

About Holafly eSims

In 2022, Holafly offers superb coverage around the globe. You can purchase their eSims for use in 116 countries. You can also purchase packages covering specific regions (Asia, Europe, North America, South America) – sadly, Holafly’s website doesn’t give any information which countries are included in those packages. The following map shows you, which countries around the globe are covered by Holafly:

Availability of Holafly eSims.

Redeem Holafly Discount Code

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to redeem your Holafly discount code

  1. Select the packages you want to purchase.

    Select the country, volume and duration of the eSim you want to purchase. Then place them in your virtual shopping cart.
    Redeem Holafly Coupon

  2. Proceed to checkout

    At the end of your shopping spree, proceed to checkout by first clicking on the cart symbol, then hitting the checkout button.
    Redeem Holafly Coupon II

  3. Enter your Holafly discount code

    You can enter your code in the first step of the payment process.
    Redeem Holafly Coupon III

  4. Enjoy your discount

    If the code you entered is valid, it’s immediately subtracted from your total.
    Redeem Holafly Coupon IV

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