Skylum Promo Code: 20% Discount on Luminar Neo (Lightroom Alternative) = €87 Lifetime Subscription

For many travellers, taking their camera with them is just as no-brainer as taking their passport. However, not all pictures are instantly perfect and may need minor (or major) enhancements. The photo editing software Luminar by Skylum is one of the best alternatives to costly Adobe Lightroom, not only because it is a single purchase item and does not require a subscription. With this coupon, you receive a 20% discount on Skylum’s latest software product, Luminar Neo:

20% Skylum Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Open Skylum
Valid until August 31, 2024, on Luminar Neo.
Valid until August 31, 2024, on Luminar Neo.

While the code is valid until the end of August, Skylum is currently running a sale that can be combined with the discount code. Until June 10, 2024, you can get a lifetime subscription for as little as €87:

Buy Luminar Skylum 87
Get a lifetime Luminar Neo subscription for €87 by taking advantage of their current stale and our coupon code.

Luminar is available for Mac & Windows and offers a lot of useful add-ons. With Luminar AI, many AI-Tools have been added to the mix, i.e. replacing the sky or other backgrounds. Its successor Luminar Neo has been released a while ago and receives favorable reviews. It combines many features of Luminar AI and Luminar 4. The code discounts both lifetime and monthly subscriptions, as well as everything in between.

You can also get at €10 discount on Luminar Neo until the end of the year:

€10 Skylum Coupon ✄ show & open
The coupon code is:
Open Skylum
Valid until December 31, 2024, on Luminar Neo.
Valid until December 31, 2024, on Luminar Neo.

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You can also get a 10% discount code by subscribing to the newsletter. Interestingly, you don’t even need to check your e-mail to receive it, it is displayed right away. That allows you to be rather creative when entering your address…

Skylum NL Discount

Sadly, Skylum does not allow multiple codes to be used during purchase, so you can’t combine the two codes above for maximum savings.

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You can enter the code when paying for your order. Click Enter Promotional Code and enter the code.

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  1. Stephan Yankov says:

    I thought the same at first, but on second thought travelers usually take pictures and pictures require some processing. So just as not every travel deal is for everyone, but some do make use of it, so this software deal may also be of help for some traveler. 😉

  2. Istvan nagy says:

    This is something really worth mentioning on a travel site.

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