Atlantic Airways Youth Tickets: Flights to the Faroe Islands Starting at €169 from Denmark w/ Luggage (for Under 26s)

Faroe Islands

More and more airlines are offering student or youth tickets, with Nordic airlines leading the way. In addition to SAS and Widerøe, you can also get discounted rates (and luggage allowance) on the small Faroese carrier, Atlantic Airways. The Faroe Islands are really beautiful and flights there are usually quite expensive. Hence, the Sveiggj tickets are appreciated, especially since you can grab cheaper fares than with SAS’ youth tickets and this one includes bags.

Once you get the discounts (instructions below), you can find the following return fares to (and from) the island:

  • Kopenhagen – Vágar from DKK 1,256 (~€168)
  • Aalborg – Vágar from DKK 1,257 (~€169)
  • Billund – Vágar from DKK 1,261 (~€169)
  • Oslo – Vágar from DKK 1,471 (~€197)
  • Vágar – Reykjavik from DKK 1,791 (~€240)
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Without the youth fare, the same flights would cost DKK 2,515 (~€337).

Search & Book

To get access to the benefits you first need to make sure that you are between 12 and 25 years old. If that is the case, follow these three steps:

    1. Create a free Atlantic Airways Account account (if you haven’t already).
    2. Request an age verification by uploading a picture of your passport or driver’s license.
    3. Wait for approval. Once you’re approved, you’ll see it in your profile by either clicking on the ‘Youth – Sveiggj’ menu or by checking if your card has the ‘Sveiggj’ logo.
    4. When you’re logged in, you’ll have a ‘Search Youth Tickets’ option when searching for flights.


Youth tickets will earn you 250 points per flight in the carrier’s Súlubonus programme.


Hotel prices in the Faroe Islands usually start at roughly €100, depending on the hotel category. Whichever category and hotel you opt for, make sure to get the best price! Our recommendation is to search on, or even on our own Travel-Dealz hotel search:

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