Reminder: Buy a Strawberry Hotels Summer Pass for 10 Nights in Scandinavia for €760 (€76/Night) incl. Breakfast

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The Nordic Choice Strawberry hotel group has a very special deal for this summer: At a fixed price of NOK 4,950 (~€417) for 5 nights or NOK 8,900 (~€749) for 10 nights, you can buy the hotel chain’s Summer Pass. The nights can then be redeemed between June 20, and August 18, 2024, at over 90 hotels in Norway, Sweden, Copenhagen, Vilnius and Helsinki.

By buying the 10-night pass, you’d be paying €76 per night for a double room for two people, and breakfast is usually included. You can even stay at Clarion Collection Hotels, where you get a small dinner as well.

The best price is available on the Norwegian website. When going to the international site, the pass is almost 20% more expensive.

The nights do not need to be consecutive. A weekend in Oslo, a night in Copenhagen and two more nights in Malmö split over the entire travel period of the deal, are possible with this offer.

You can sleep at any of these participating hotels. The list includes Quality, Comfort, Clarion, ps:hotel, and GLO hotels. The hotels are mostly mid-tier hotels, which tend to cost between €70 and €150. The Clarion Collection hotels, however, are on a higher level. You can also stay in hotels not included in the pass. In that case, €99/NOK 990 (Five Day Pass) or €89/NOK 890 (Ten Day Pass) will be taken off your bill.

Search & Book

  1. Buy your hotel pass on the landing page.
  2. You will receive the hotel pass by email.
  3. You have to book your rooms via this page for the five night pass and this page for the ten night pass.
  4. At check-in, you’ll have to show your pass and its unique code.

Every hotel has a limited number of rooms for pass owners. You can check availabilities on the corresponding booking site. If the NOK 890 (~€75) or NOK 990 (~€83) rate is still available, you can use your pass on that date.

Four hotels are only available for holders of the five-night-pass:

Five Night Pass exclusive hotels:
  • Quality Hotel™ Grand Steinkjer, Norway
  • Clarion Collection® Hotel Plaza, Sweden
  • Quality Hotel™ The Box, Linköping, Sweden
  • Quality Hotel™ Vänersborg, Sweden

There are also a notable number of blackout dates, especially in Örebro and Kongsberg:

    Summer Pass Blackout Dates


    • Bergen: 20-22 July
    • Bodø: 20-22 June | 2, 13-18, 26-27 July | 2-3, 16-17 August
    • Fornebu: 27-31 July
    • Kolbotn: 26-29 June
    • Kongsberg: 3-6 July (Quality Hotel™ Grand Kongsberg – all of July)
    • Kristiansund: 28-29 June
    • Moss: 25 June | 10-15 August
    • Oslo: 21-22, 26-29 June
    • Porsgrunn: 9-10 August
    • Steinkjer: 20-22 June | 18-28 July
    • Stokmarknes: 16-18 August
    • Trondheim: 30 June | 27-31 July | 1-3, 9-10 August


    • Arvika: 14-15 June | 2-3 August
    • Gothenburg: 12-20 July
    • Jönköping: 5-7 July
    • Karlstad: 26 July
    • Kristianstad: 5-8 June
    • Malmö: 13-14 August
    • Stockholm: 25, 27-28-29 June | 15, 18, 25 July
    • Sundsvall: 27-29 June | 5-6, 10-13 July
    • Umeå: 25-27 July
    • Uppsala: 4, 9, 21, 27 July | 8-10 August
    • Vänersborg: 28-29 June | 8-10 August
    • Växjö: 28 June | 6 July


    • Espoo: 12-16 July | 4-5 August
    • Helsinki: 28-30 June | 1, 12-13, 26-31 July | 3-4 August


    • Copenhagen: 26-28 June

Terms & Conditions

Here are some of the most important terms & conditions:

  • Sales Period: Until August 15, 2024
  • Stay Period: From June 20 through August 18, 2024.
  • Up to 2 people per stay. Up to two kids (up to 9 years each) can stay free if they share the bed with their parents.
  • You can stay all nights consecutively or spread them out.
  • Only applicable to standard rooms.
  • Booked rooms can be cancelled until 16.00 on the day of arrival.
  • Strawberry Club members earn up to 990 points per night and a qualifying night each night.
  • Breakfast is included, except in Comfort Hotel Xpress, At Six and Glo Hotel Airport hotels.
  • You can also stay in hotels not included in the pass. €99/NOK 990 (Five Day Pass) or €89/NOK 890 (Ten Day Pass) will be taken off your bill.

Cover Picture: © Nordic Choice Hotels

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Comments (6)

  1. Franz says:

    Unfortunately, This year’s (2024) selection is less attractive than last year’s. Our favorite Hotel is not participating anymore (Clarion Collection Tapetfabriken in Stockholm).

  2. Reiner says:


    Is this a recurring thing to your knowledge, i.e. can we expect similar for 2024, what’s your impression?


    • Peer says:

      There have been similar deals in 2020, 2021 and 2022, though prices have fluctuated a bit.

      So I’d say it’s not unlikely to see something for summer 2024. Last year there was even an offer for spring, but looks like that’s not happening this year.

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      I suppose so, yes

  3. pawel skudlarski says:

    i wanted clarification. i bought your offer, when i am making reservation i am asked to provide credit card for the hotel price. shall i enter it but the charge will not be made because of this offer? or shall i somehow specify i am paying with my pass?


    Pawel Skudlarski

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