Ten Lounge Visits Included: Get Your Priority Pass Standard Plus for $246/€225 Instead of $329/€304 *LAST CHANCE*

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Priority Pass started a promotion and is selling its Standard with a 35% and Standard Plus memberships with a 25% discount, as well as putting a 5% discount on its Prestige membership. Especially the Prestige version can be a very interesting purchase for frequent flyers. It now costs US$445 (~€408) for a year. You can only take advantage of the discount by visiting the following landing page:

Airport Lounge programme Priority Pass
35% discount on the cheapest and 5% on the Prestige pass.

What is a Priority Pass?

As a Priority Pass member, you can visit over 1,300 airport lounges worldwide. You will either pay a reduced fee or get unlimited access for free, depending on your membership.

Your access to a participating lounge does not require you to fly a particular airline or have a ticket issued in a special booking class. That’s what separates Priority Pass from the lounge access an airline might grant you. So if you can’t get enough tier miles to obtain an elite status or if you just fly too many different airlines to make use of it, Priority Pass should be the perfect solution.

The actual offer varies from one lounge to another lounge. But typically you’ll find drinks, food or at least small snacks and magazines in every lounge. Some are even equipped with showers. And there’s nothing better to get you going after a long red-eye flight.

In recent years, Priority Pass has also expanded its network to include restaurants in airports. Those will give you some sort of discount when you present your membership card.

From Standard to Prestige

There are three different memberships: Standard, Standard Plus or Prestige:

Standard0US$35 (~€32)US$35 (~€32)US$64 (~€59)
Standard Plus10US$35 (~€32)US$35 (~€32)US$246 (~€225)
PrestigeFreeUS$35 (~€32)US$445 (~€408)

Standard: As a Standard member you will have to pay US$35 (~€32) per visit to a participating lounge. The discounted annual membership costs US$64 (~€59) (minus discounts) per year.

Standard Plus: If you choose this option the first 10 visits are free. There’s a discounted membership fee of US$246 (~€225) per year, so each visit costs amounts to US$25 (~€23). Once you used up your free access passes, each visit will also cost you US$35 (~€32).

Prestige: Unlimited access without additional payments. That’s what you get for an annual Prestige membership that’ll cost you US$445 (~€408). You should plan on visiting an airport lounge at least 20 times a year if you want to get your money’s worth from the Prestige card. By the way: Taking a guest will cost you US$35 (~€32), regardless of your membership.

Which Membership Option is the Best for Me?

The Standard membership is only attractive for people that plan 7 lounge visits or less within a year. More often than not, it may be even cheaper to pay the entrance fee if visiting a lounge.

The Standard Plus option, which includes 10 free visits, is best for people that plan up to 15 lounge visits. After that, the Prestige option is cheaper and becomes more valuable with every visit you add beyond that. It gets especially interesting beyond 30 visits, when the price drops below €15 per lounge access.

Here are the costs per visit (including the discount) for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 visits per year:

VisitsStandardStandard PlusPrestige
5US$48 (~€44)US$49 (~€45)US$89 (~€82)
10US$41 (~€38)US$25 (~€23)US$44 (~€41)
15US$39 (~€36)US$28 (~€26)US$30 (~€27)
20US$38 (~€35)US$30 (~€27)US$22 (~€21)
30US$37 (~€34)US$32 (~€29)US$15 (~€14)
50US$36 (~€33)US$33 (~€30)US$9 (~€8)
Costs per membership option, based on number of lounge visits.

Of course, this only applies if you are travelling alone. If you’ve got company, you need to pay US$35 (~€32) for your companion, independent of your pass.

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    This offer is only valid for residents in North and South America, as Priority Pass has told me via official Twitter account.

  2. Jan says:

    This offer is not valid anymore. At the final step, the website error message displays “Deal information cannot be found”

  3. Nick says:

    How long is this offer valid?

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