Luanda: €395 Star Alliance Flights From Spain (€410 With Bags)


Star Alliance members Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and TAP offer €395 flights to Luanda from Madrid. The Economy Basic tickets only include carry-ons, but a checked-in bag is very cheap. TAP offers Economy Basic for €10 more roundtrip, while Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines ask €20.


Worldwide travel restrictions are in place to slow the spread of Covid-19. We strongly recommend gathering detailed information about the travel and quarantine restrictions that apply to your desired origin and destination.

A good start is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) website. It provides current updates on a country’s immigration policies. Even better, the Covid-19 Travel Regulations Map is one of the most useful tools you can find.

You can depart from various Spanish cities, which lets you find cheap connecting flights. These are the possible departure cities:

  • Bilbao with Lufthansa at €395 (€415 with luggage)
  • Bilbao with TAP at €400 (€410 with luggage)
  • Valencia with TAP at €400 (€410 with luggage)
  • Málaga with TAP at €401 (€411 with luggage)
  • Madrid with Lufthansa at €403 (€423 with luggage)
  • Barcelona with Lufthansa at €403 (€423 with luggage)

You can use our search form to be redirected to either Lufthansa’s or TAP’s booking site with the route and dates that you’ve selected:

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Star Alliance airlines offer cheap flights from Spain to Luanda.

Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines use the Airbus A330-300 on the Luanda flight, although the latter stops in Kinshasa on the way back. In this very rare occurrence, we actually suggest TAP Portugal, as it flies the A330-900 on the long flight and it is generally shorter.

Search & Book

The Lufthansa Group itineraries will sell out on April 10, 2022 while TAP tickets don’t have a specific expiration date. With Lufthansa, you can travel until December and have to stay at least six days. TAP doesn’t have either a minimum stay or last departure time, although it blocks the first two weeks of January. There is scattered availability until September and good availability afterwards.

You can use Google Flights (instructions) to check flight dates and routes. After selecting the flights, you can use the search box above, which will redirect you to the airline’s website. Lufthansa has a low-price calendar on its website which also lets you find cheap dates. While theoretically, TAP has one too, we suggest searching your dates on the portals mentioned above.


As there are different airlines, routings and fare classes, your milage varies a lot. While Lufthansa issues tickets in booking class K, TAP issues Light tickets in booking class O. This is what a flight from Bilbao with Lufthansa and Brussels airlines would get you:

  • 3,624 Award Miles + 725 PQP on United MileagePlus
  • 1,968 Award Miles + 180 Points on Miles&More
  • 1,439 Miles on ANA Mileage Club
  • 1,212 Miles on Asiana Club
  • 1,212 Award Miles on Etihad Guest
  • 1,199 CV Points on Vistara Club Vistara
  • 1,145 Points on SAS EuroBonus
Data provided by Without guarantee on correctness.

To calculate your own mileage, you can use our mileage calculator. Just replace the details with yours.


To find the best hotel for the best price in Luanda, you can use our hotel search box. Once you selected your preferred dates, you can choose between and Travel-Dealz hotel search.

Cover Picture: Photo by Sergiy Seryogin on Unsplash

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