Sweet Spot: Finnair Business Class Scandinavia ↔ Doha from 20,000 Avios + €43 per direction

Finnair Business Class HEL JFK Fenstersitz Weitwinkel

In mid-March, Finnair massively overhauled its own frequent flyer program. As we reported, there were several devaluations in the process: Many award flights became more expensive, achieving a frequent flyer status is now harder, etc. Only in a few cases did the adjustment of the award chart have a positive impact.

At the same time, British Airways has also adjusted the mileage table for flights with Finnair. In a best case scenario, those booking a Finnair flight in the BA Executive Club should now pay exactly the same amount as they would directly with Finnair. Apparently, there was a small anomaly during the transition. Flights from Copenhagen & Stockholm to Doha cost the same as flights within Europe. A one-way business class ticket starts at 20,000 Avios + €43. Not bad for a 6-hour lie-flat business class experience.


As of April 3, we are no longer able to find 20,000 Avios business class rides. The flights in question are available for 55,000 Avios.

We were able to find the following prices for bookings through the BA website:

  • Copenhagen → Doha for 20,000 Avios + €47 (~DKK 351)
  • Doha → Copenhagen for 20,000 Avios + €50
  • Stockholm → Doha for 20,000 Avios + €60 (~SEK 694)
  • Doha → Stockholm for 20,000 Avios + €43
AY ARN DOH C 20000 Avios

On Board Product

Finnair operates an Airbus A330 on both routes. The flight duration is between 6 and 7 hours depending on the airport and direction. These are always day-time flights, but the flight to Doha lands shortly before midnight. The onboard product is 100% Finnair, even though the flight is operated and marketed in cooperation with Qatar Airways

According to the seating plan, the Airbus A330 already features the new Finnair business class. Therefore, there is no option to adjust the seat backs. However, the flatbed is suitable for sleeping (likely less relevant during a daytime flight).

Here is my assessment of the new seat. I was not particularly impressed by it, but perhaps you would like to try it out for yourselves.

Search & Book

The flights can be found and booked directly online with British Airways. Flight are available for 20,000 Avios from April to December 2024. Unfortunately, it appears that there is only (at most) one available seat on each flight. Those who wish to travel with their partner, friend, colleague, etc., will be out of luck. One could then book a second ticket via Qatar Airways for 38,750 Avios (different flight number, same aircraft). However, you may not be able to sit together as Finnair/Qatar share fixed seat allocations.

The form for reward flights can be found on ba.com. Alternatively, you can also use our form below, but you must log into your account first.

Those who do not have enough Avios can also choose to use a lower amount, but the cash portion will then increase significantly. The most attractive option is the one for 20,000 Avios + approximately €50 in taxes & fees.

Source: Charles on Travels auf YouTube and HfP Forum | via verylvke

Translated by Carlos

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Comments (4)

  1. Losti says:

    Sweet spot is now gone

    • Felix says:

      Thanks, Losti! I checked plenty of dates and they are all at 55,000 Avios. The deal is now marked as “expired”.

  2. sam says:

    can’t find more than 1 seat per flight.. do you have any examples?

    • Felix says:

      Hi Sam! Sadly, days with more than one seat are very hard to find, even if they exist. That’s why we mentioned that in the deal.

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