Cairo Sphinx Airport: Wizz Air Flights from Milan, Rome and Budapest Starting at €100 (Personal Item Only)

Cairo Camel Pyramids

Low-cost airline Wizz Air is offering flights to Cairo‘s Sphinx airport from Milan, Rome & Budapest for under €100. The budget airline offers prices as low as €80 with a Wizz Air Discount Club membership and €100 without. Unfortunately, these fares only include a small personal item. Adding a checked bag of 20kg roughly doubles the price, a trolley sized cabin bag adds €17 per flight. Departures are available from May to March 2025.


If you buy round-trip flights for two people, you’ll save €5 by activating the Wizz Air Discount Club, which remains valid for one year and does not auto-renew, and you will receive a €10 discount on each flight afterward.

Our availability calendar highlights all possible flight dates at the lowest price for trips of up to 28 days for up to €130. It will forward you to Wizz Air with your selected flight dates.


Currently, Wizz Air schedules an Airbus A320 for these flights, which in my subjective opinion is the best out of their fleet. Especially, if you get lucky with one of the old Ukrainian planes, which still have recline in addition to plushy seats. But keep in mind that the airline frequently changes equipment, and 4 hours on their A321s may not be as fun.

Search & Book

As a low-cost airline, Wizz Air sells one-way flights and return trips that are priced like two one-ways. Therefore, there is no minimum or maximum stay. Booking two one-ways could save a few cents due to currency differences but can have disadvantages if only one of the legs gets changed or cancelled. Wizz Air quite frequently adjusts schedules.

You can check dates using Google Flights. We highly recommend only booking through Wizz Air’s website. While some online travel agencies offer it a few euros cheaper, the add-ons will be much higher, you’ll have limited access to your booking, you may face check-in difficulties and schedule changes could be more painful. The flights don’t show up on Google Flights as of writing, but the airline has its own price calendar.

Wizz Air Discount Club

Wizz Air has a pretty interesting membership programme. Don’t expect miles or statuses, but one could argue that it’s even better. For just €40 (2 persons) or €70 a year, you can get ~€10 discount per person per flight in addition to a discount on bags. An important addition is that the discount only applies to flights which cost more than €20. (Although they usually put a smaller discount on cheaper flights which will reduce the fare to €10.

Please note that Wizz Air usually sells tickets in the currency of the departure country. For these flights, they convert the savings to the local currency, which can happen at pretty and market rates.

To get a Wizz Air Discount Club (WDC) membership, you need to select the WDC price when you search for flights (see in the above gallery). After that, you will have to accept the terms and add WDC to your basket. The membership will be valid for one year after the date of the booking. This means that you can book fares with a WDC discount for one calendar year. Your trip can be after the expiration date as the booking date matters.

wdc accept terms 1
After selecting your flights, you will have to add the membership to your booking
wdc price 1
You will then be able to see it in your basket.

If you are booking a round-trip for two people or if you are flying Wizz Air at least 4 times alone, then it is definitely worth it to buy the Standard membership. If a family goes on a round trip, it will also pay off.


The city commonly known as Cairo is actually compromised of two large urban areas, divided by the Nile river. East of the Nile lies Cairo, with the famous Tahir Square, Khan el-Khalili bazaar and the international airport (CAI). West of the Nile is Giza, famous for the three large ancient stone pyramids and the sphinx statue.

If you wish to visit the famous sites, Giza or Cairo Sphinx airport (SPX) is ideally located for you. If you wish to connect to Cairo International airport to catch a different flight, it’s the best to plan at least four hours connection time. You will have to cross the entire city and its infamously congested traffic.

Hotel prices in Cairo usually start at roughly €50, depending on the hotel category. Whichever category and hotel you opt for, make sure to get the best price! Our recommendation is to search on, or even on our own Travel-Dealz hotel search:

Information & Tips for Cairo

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is a vibrant and historic city located along the Nile River. It is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities and is known for its rich cultural heritage, ancient landmarks, and bustling markets.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Cairo is during the cooler months of November to March when the weather is more comfortable for exploring the city’s attractions. Summers can be extremely hot, so it’s advisable to plan your visit during the milder months.

Getting There:

Cairo is served by Cairo International Airport (CAI), which is well-connected to many international destinations. From the airport, you can reach the city centre by taxi, airport shuttle, or ride-sharing services. Public transportation options, such as buses and the Cairo Metro, also provide access to the city.


Cairo is home to numerous historical and cultural landmarks. The Giza Plateau, located just outside the city, is famous for the Great Pyramids, including the Pyramid of Khufu, and the Sphinx. The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square is a treasure trove of ancient artefacts, including the famous Tutankhamun exhibit.

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