Faroe Islands’ Atlantic Airways Introduces Nonstop Service to the United States

faroe atlantic airways a320neo

The Faroe Islands are a little archipelago halfway between Scotland and Iceland. Most Europeans will know them from their national soccer team facing them in qualifying matches over the past 30 years. Most Americans will know them… not at all. But that is about to change, although in a limited capacity. Atlantic Airways, national carrier of the Faroe Islands, announced it will start its first transatlantic route to New York in the late Summer of 2023.

In contrast to other major European airlines, that prefer routings to Newark Liberty (EWR) or John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport, Atlantic Airways will follow the lead of Icelandair’s Play and serve New York Stewart International airport (SWF), located roughly 60 miles north of Manhattan.

The airline plans to serve this route once weekly, but has not issued a schedule yet. According to the press release (in Faeroese), flights will leave their hub Vagar airport (FAE) each Tuesday between August 22 and October 10, 2023. The return flight is headed to Europe on Wednesdays. Atlantic Airways’ fleet consists of merely three aircraft, one Airbus A320-200 and two A320neo. One of the A320neo will most likely find its way to New York in the future.

While details on the route in general are sparse, the airline announced it will offer a bus service from Stewart airport to New York City. These are not included in the flight ticket and can be purchased separately. Tickets will go on sale on May 15, 2023, for what seems like a daring economic venture on the airlines’ part. It will be interesting to see if demand is going to exceed the 174 seats on Atlantic Airways’ all-economy-aircraft.

About the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a culturally and politically autonomous state under the sovereignty of Denmark. The islands have a total population of roughly 50,000 people, about 40% of them live in the capital Torshavn. The islands’ only airport is located on the isle of Vagar, a solid 45-minute drive away from the capital. Reasons to visit the Faroe Islands, despite the rough climate, are beautiful landscapes and the excessive cuteness of Atlantic Puffins – a bird species native to Faroe. Tourist numbers on the islands have been steadily growing, ignoring the obvious pandemic setback.

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