Finnair With new Business Class Light Fare (Excl. Luggage)

Finnair Wingtip

Oneworld member airline Finnair is offering a new business class fare from autumn 2020: A so called Light fare. Doesn’t that sound familiar?! Indeed, Emirates caught some attention a while ago with their announcement of plans introducing a business class light fare.

Finnair Business Class Light
The new business class light fare with Finnair

How will the fare differentiate?

There will be three differences compared to Finnair’s business class classic fare:

  • Changes or cancellation will not be permitted, also not for a fee
  • The fare won’t include checked luggage (yes, it is indeed true!)
  • The mileage accrual is not confirmed yet but will most probably differentiate
Finnair Business Class Light Aenderungen
Comparison of the different fare types with Finnair

On which routings will the fare be available?

The fare will only be available on short-haul within Europe and on long-haul flights from Europe to Asia. If the fare type is doing well, of course it is very likely that Finnair will introduce it on other routes as well such as North America.

Finnair Business Class Light Tarif Wo wird er eingesetzt

What will happen with current tickets?

For already made bookings, the fare types will change to the following:

  • Business -> Business Flex
  • Business Saver -> Business Classic

Source: OMAAT – Thank you!

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