JAL Explorer Pass: Japanese Domestic Flights Now Up to 100% More Expensive

Only 10 days ago, we reported on Travel-Dealz about a long-standing offer from Japan Airlines: Visitors from abroad could book domestic flights in Japan for as low as €37, saving between 20% and 80% in many cases.

Unfortunately, there is now bad news for all Japan enthusiasts: Without prior notice, JAL has significantly increased prices on many routes. We have observed price increases of up to 100% on numerous routes. Only in very few cases (e.g., Tokyo – Nagoya) will it be cheaper than before.

There are now three price tiers, with prices in reality possibly deviating by a few euros:

  • Price tier 1: 8 selected short-haul routes starting from JP¥7,700 (~€47)
  • Price tier 2: 61 medium-haul routes starting from JP¥11,000 (~€67)
  • Price tier 3: 49 longer routes starting from JP¥14,300 (~€88)

You can check the exact prices for your connection on this landing page.

Up to 100% Price Increase

Unfortunately, the website no longer features a convenient map with a list of all affordable routes. Therefore, a transparent comparison of old and new prices is no longer possible. We have selected some examples to illustrate the changes:

  • Sapporo – Hakodate: JP¥7,700 (~€47) instead of JP¥5,500 (~€34) (+40%)
  • Sapporo – Memanbetsu: JP¥7,700 (~€47) instead of JP¥5,500 (~€34) (+40%)
  • Tokyo – Nagoya: JP¥7,700 (~€47) instead of JP¥11,000 (~€67) (-30%)
  • Aomori – Sapporo JP¥7,700 (~€47) instead of JP¥5,500 (~€34) (+40%)
  • Tokyo – Akita: JP¥10,000 (~€61) instead of JP¥5,500 (~€34) (+82%)
  • Osaka – Sendai: JP¥10,000 (~€61) instead of JP¥5,500 (~€34) (+82%)
  • Tokyo – Aomori: JP¥11,000 (~€67) instead of JP¥5,500 (~€34) (+100%)
  • Tokyo – Tohoku: JP¥11,000 (~€67) instead of JP¥5,500 (~€34) (+100%)
  • Tokyo – Osaka: JP¥11,000 (~€67) instead of JP¥7,700 (~€47) (+42%)
  • Tokyo – Sapporo: JP¥14,300 (~€88) instead of JP¥11,000 (~€67) (+30%)
  • Tokyo – Okinawa: JP¥14,300 (~€88) instead of JP¥11,000 (~€67) (+30%)

The prices now appear to be more dynamic than before. There are only a few tickets available at the entry price in the short term.


The new and old values are only an approximation since the price was previously given exclusive of airport taxes and is now inclusive of taxes.

However, the indication of 11,000 yen on the website does not match exactly. For instance, a flight from Tokyo to Aomori in early February cost €37.51, now it is at least €78. This is even more than a 100% surcharge.


The previous offer of the JAL Explorer Pass remained essentially unchanged for many years. A price increase was therefore only a matter of time. At least the yen has lost 15% of its value against the euro in the last 12 months alone.

However, the increases are substantial in many cases. Alternatives such as mileage tickets and budget flights (plus baggage) are becoming increasingly attractive. The Japan Rail Pass is hardly an alternative since it became up to 77% more expensive last year. Fortunately, many other things on-site (hotels, dining, …) remain affordable.

Translated by Ditmar

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  1. VR says:

    I purchased various flights for July 2024 in October 2023 and I can confirm ~100% increase in costs for the same dates/times for JAL Explorer tickets as of today. What a relief I purchased them so early…

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