New Zealand Introduces NZeTA, Makes Online Application Compulsory for Visitors

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For American and European citizens, the costly journey to New Zealand becomes a little more costly. Effective October 2019, the country introduced the NZeTA (New Zealand electronic Travel Authority). Citizens of sixty countries (all EU members among them) can still spend up to 90 days (UK citizens up to 180) under the country’s visa waiver program. But from now on, they have to apply online for NZeTA first.

Increased Costs of NZ$47 (~€27)

The application process costsNZ$9 (~€5)via mobile app orNZ$12 (~€7)on their website. In addition, an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL) ofNZ$35 (~€20)becomes obligatory. The IVL does not apply for transit passengers at Auckland airport or holders of either Australian or New Zealand citizenship. All services have to be paid bei either credit- or debitcard.

The whole process works similiar to the American ESTA or Canadian eTA. To apply, you need a passport with at least six months of validity remaining. Further, the processing of your application may take up to 72 hours, so you need to apply in time before meeting an New Zealand immigration officer.

An NZeTA is valid for multiple entries within a time frame of 2 years.

NZeTA Website
New Zealand government’s official website.

Bottom Line

New Zealand is a comparatively small country and faces a constant increase of tourists they have to deal with. It lies well within their sovereignity to introduce measures that they deem reasonable. In the face of tickets from Europe usually around €700, the additional fee of €27 won’t make anyone overthink their plans on going there. On the other hand, the list of countries you’ll have to pay (in coin and data) before you can enter constantly rises.

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  1. Maris Sander says:

    Hi, with regards to the new NZeTA for visa waiver countries, it states that when holding a valid visa no NZeTA is required. For my next trip to NZ I already applied for and got granted a visa. How will NZ charge me the tourist tax, that otherwise would be included in the NZeTA costs?

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