Delta SkyMiles Calculator: How many MQD & RDM Will I Earn?

Delta Air Lines is SkyTeam‘s only US airline and offers very good service on its flights. Its frequent flyer program – Delta SkyMiles – used to be just as good, but has now become a frequent spender program, with the ticket price now being the only deciding factor for how many miles you’ll get. Starting in 2024, you’ll earn 1 MQD (status mile) per Dollar spent, and 5-11 RDM (award miles) per Dollar spent, depending on your status.

Things become more complicated, however, if you’re flying with other SkyTeam airlines. In that case, the earnings are based on the distance flown and the booking class. If you know these two things, just put them in our calculator, and we’ll show you how many MQD and miles you can expect to earn:


We do not guarantee that our calculation is correct, and we have no official connection to either Delta Air Lines nor SkyMiles. You should view the result as a rough estimate.

Should you find an error, please send an email to with your routing.

Please use the following format to enter your flights:

Operating airline: Booking class: Flight segment(s): Issuing airline: Flight price
  • Operating airline: IATA code of the marketing airline (the airline at the beginning of the flight number), e.g. DL for Delta, KL for KLM, AF for Air France
  • Booking class: booking class of the flights, e.g. V
  • Flight segment(s): IATA codes of the airports used, separated by a hyphen. E.g. LHR-JFK-BOS for a one-way flight and LHR-JFK-BOS-JFK-LHR for a round-trip flight from London to Boston via New York.
  • Selling airline (optional): Only important if the tickets were sold on Delta’s website, as the calculation is then based on the ticket price. Otherwise, you can skip this part.
  • Flight price (optional): Only important if Delta sold the flights, as the calculation is then based on the ticket price. Otherwise, you can skip this part. The price should be entered in dollars (excluding taxes). Alternatively, add the currency code (e.g. 450EUR, 400GBP, etc.)

How far does that leave me from a frequent flyer status?

Not only is it important to know how many miles you’ll get, but also how much those miles are worth. By using this status calculator, you’ll find out if you qualify for a frequent flyer status, or if you have some more flying ahead of you:

Calculators for Delta until December 31, 2023

Our calculators above display the results for Delta’s newest program. If, however, you still plan on earning miles until December 31, 2023, or want to compare the results of the new system with that of the old system, you can use these calculators:

Status calculator: