Create & Download Your Individual Flight Map

In many of our flight deals, you’ll see a flight map, which shows you the departure and destination airports, as well as the routing. You now have the chance to create your own flight map, to download it and use it to, e.g. visualize your own trips:


  1. Save: Your selected settings are saved in the URL. You can bookmark this URL and thus continue later on or share it on the Internet.
  2. Color the routes: You can color selected routes. Simply add a ; at the end of the route and a Hex-Color-code, e.g. #F87171 An example: FRA-NYC-LAX;#F87171
  3. Color the airports: Just like the routes, you can also color the airports. Simply add a : after the IATA code, followed by a Hex-Color-code, e.g. #059669 An Example: BER-NYC:#059669 to color NYC green
  4. Draw a circle: You can draw a circle around an airport with a defined distance, e.g. to display ETOPS restrictions. To do this, add C200 after an IATA code of an airport for a circle with a radius of 200 miles. Example: KEF:C500
  5. Zoom & Rotation: You can freely determine the zoom setting and the rotation of the projection. By default, both values are determined automatically based on the airports entered.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 international license. You may download this map and edit it, as well as use it for private and commercial purposes for free as long as you name us, e.g. Flight map from Travel-Dealz.

Should you use the flight map on a website, please set a link to this site, e.g. Flight map from Travel-Dealz, or activate the Show Copyright function.

Alternative to Great Circle Mapper

The main motivation for creating the little tool was to have an alternative to the fantastic Great Circle Mapper. Its functions are great, but there haven’t been any updates for years. The map’s resolution is very limited and the map’s design cannot be modified much.

We, therefore, wanted to give you a modern alternative with a wide variety of options to create your own map design and also be able to download it in high resolution. By giving you the option to download the map as an SVG file, you can enlarge the map almost infinitely without it becoming pixeled.


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