Go2 for Google Flights: Quickly Check the Price at Kayak or Search for Award Flights

Vienna International Airport

We have already presented our Go2 tool for quick access to more than 90 airlines + frequent flyer programs. But one thing has been neglected: Go2 can not only send you quickly to an airline’s booking site but it can also read the search information (departure and destination airports, travel dates, passengers …) from a URL. This is especially useful in the case of Google Flights!

That means that you can quickly jump from your current search on Google Flights to a metasearch engine such as Kayak or check the availability and (miles) price for award flights, e.g. at the BA Executive Club.

All you have to do is copy the URL of your Google Flights search onto go2.travel-dealz.com:

Getting departure and destination airports, travel class, and passengers from a Google Flights URL

Much more practical, however, is a magical bookmark (with a little JavaScript) for the browser. Simply drag the following link with the mouse (do not click, hold the mouse button down) into the bookmark bar of your browser:


Then you can simply click on the bookmark while you are browsing through Google Flights (and numerous other websites e.g. Skyscanner, Kayak, Easyjet, Wizzair …) and your current URL will be transferred to Go2. From there, one more click takes you to e.g. Kayak, Miles&More, or United MileagePlus.

By the way, you will also find a bookmark generator on Go2, with which you can also create a bookmark, which will take you directly to e.g. Kayak or Miles&More. This saves you the intermediate step of having to explicitly select the target page every time. This short video explains it:

Generate magical Go2 bookmarks and use them on Google Flights

You can read more about our Go2 tool here:

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