Go2: A Flight Search for Over 60 Airlines + Frequent Flyer Programs (Travel-Dealz Tool)

The Travel-Dealz team spends each day looking for the best flight deals for you. One thing that has always gotten on our nerves: Each airline, each online travel agency, each frequent flyer program has its own search form, where you need to enter the origin and destination airports, the travel class, and number of passengers by hand. There are good forms, that e.g. support IATA codes and there are bad forms where entering the parameters seems to take longer than the flight that you’re searching for.

This is exactly the problem that we’ve tried to solve with our Go2 tool. A search form, which supports IATA codes, and can directly redirect you to the booking site of over 60 airlines, meta-search engines, online travel agencies, and even helps you search for award flights at different frequent flyer programs.

You only have to enter the origin and destination airports once, select your outbound and inbound dates, and possibly change the travel class or the number of passengers, before then clicking on Go2. Afterward, you can search at any of the supported airlines, meta-search engines, OTAs, and frequent flyer programs. Simply try it out:

  1. Enter your flight parameters in the search form below, or directly on go2.travel-dealz.com.
  2. Click on the Go2 Button
  3. You then have the choice between over 60 airlines, frequent flyer programs, and other flight portals. Simply click on one of the links below 2. Select a Destination, e.g. Lufthansa
  4. You’ll be redirected to your desired destination (e.g. Lufthansa) with the selected flight parameters already preset.

If you’re a regular Travel-Dealz reader, then you’ll probably already have seen the form more than once. We’ve already been using it for a couple of months to offer you a direct link to the airline’s website in our deals. Generally, you’ll find this form on go2.travel-dealz.com


Bookmark go2.travel-dealz.com in your browser. Your browser will probably recommend the website right away once you enter go2… once you’ve visited the website a couple of times.

Extracting the Information From a URL

Not only can you fill out the form yourself on go2.travel-dealz.com, but you can also extract the information from URLs of e.g. meta-search machines.

Simply try it out with the following URL:


Enter that URL in the URL field and click on Parse:

Copy-pasting the URL is not the most efficient option. You can use this bookmark to extract the URL information with one click.

Sadly, it doesn’t work with every booking site. You can find a list of the supported domains here.


We’ve been using Go2 for quite some time and are happy to finally present it to you. We’re extremely excited to hear from you. Will you use Go2 to start searching for your flights? Are you missing a specific airline? (Sadly, it can’t technically be done with all of them).

Feel free to leave a comment!

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Comments (3)

  1. Jan says:

    This is incredibly great tool! Thanks a lot!

  2. Andre Kersenboom says:


    Kudos for this great tool.
    1. I wonder if you can provide option on your website to only list Base fares (for e.g.). This is extremely helpful for finding award fares
    2. I also think that it would be a great addition to provide multi city flight options so that we can plan a vacation travel with stopovers. Most meta search engines support multi city. I understand that it may be complicated to cache multi city results, but even providing direct links to meta search engines/airlines will still provide you referal bonus and worth the efforts

    • Ditmar Lange says:

      Hi Andre,
      only listing base fares won’t be possible, as most airlines don’t support that option. Multi-city is something that we’re currently working on, but even there, we face the issue that every airline has different conditions (e.g. one allows max. 2 segments, another allows 4, some allow 6, some have further restrictions, such as that the first and last airport have to be in the same country). We’re still brainstorming how to solve that issue, but will probably offer at least 2 segments (open-jaw) soon.
      Thanks for your feedback!

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