How To Add a Stopover in Iceland with Play Airlines

Airbus A321neo PLAY

Iceland low cost carrier PLAY has started offering a free stopover in Iceland on its flights between Europe and North America, just like the flag carrier Icelandair. By using this option, you can stay in Iceland for up to ten days with one booking.

We have tested how to make a reservation for a round trip with this new option to show you how it works:


On PLAY’s homepage, when you click on Round Trip, you will see the options for One way and Stopover in Iceland. In this example, we selected Copenhagen to compare with the deal we have published with PLAY.


Once selected, you will be given the options for the North American destinations you can choose. Unfortunately, you cannot choose multi-city destinations as you can with Icelandair.


We tested dates from March 6th to 17th, which were available at a discounted rate, and the price was €250. With the option of a two-day layover on a day when the flight was on offer, the price increased to €270.

We also tested dates with good prices in high season to compare, and the stopover slightly increased the price.


Despite being advertised as a free stopover, it is not. Obviously, it is a lower cost compared to buying two separate flights with PLAY, but it is not free. If you travel with little luggage, it can be a good option for flying with an almost free stopover.

One advantage over Icelandair is that one-way stopover prices can be lower with PLAY. Another potential improvement for the future in this stopover product is the ability to create multi-city itineraries, allowing entry through Boston and exit through Washington DC for a European traveler, or entry through Barcelona and exit through Copenhagen for an American traveler.

If you are interested in making a stopover in Iceland on your trip to North America, we recommend checking both PLAY and Icelandair to see which one offers the best option for your dates.

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