North America: €276 Play Flights from 4 European Cities (€422 with Luggage; Stopover in Iceland Possible)

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Icelandic low-cost carrier Play is currently selling cheap flights to the East Coast of Canada and the USA for as little as €276. However, as usual with low-cost airlines, these tickets only include a small piece of hand luggage (42x32x25 cm – basically a backpack). Adding 20 kg of luggage to the booking increases the price by around €145 in total.

These are the routes that we could find for under €300:

To Hamilton (near Toronto):

To Newburgh (near New York):

To Baltimore:

To Boston:

To Washington:

The availability for these prices is highest in September, November, January, and February. There are also a handful of dates in December. Feel free to try out some dates using our search form below, which will redirect you to Play’s booking site:

The flights are always via Keflavik in Iceland. Luckily, the layovers are short, usually lasting only 1-2 hours – which is quite perfect. As this is a low-cost carrier, there will be no free meals on board.

Play also allows you to add a stopover of up to 10 days in Iceland for a surcharge of less than €20:

Copenhagen-Washington with 5 nights in Iceland for €300

Search & Book

As usual for low-cost carriers, there are no fare rules. By looking at Google Flights it is clear that these prices can be found primarily in late 2024 and early 2025. If you’re going to fly with only a backpack, you can book the flights even cheaper on Skyscanner (starting at €258). If you need a bit more luggage, however, you should definitely book directly on PLAY’s website. To get the best price, select the cheapest fare that only includes a personal item, and then add 20 kg of checked luggage for roughly €73/direction in the second booking step.

Miles & Points

Low-cost = no miles.


Information & Tips for Canada

The North American country of Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of surface area. In Canada, English and French are the official languages. Tourists visit Canada because of its many natural attractions and large cities, and the flight prices vary between the east and west coasts. Flights to the east coast e.g. to Toronto or Montreal regularly cost less than 400€. For flights to the west coast, e.g. to Vancouver or Calgary, prices are closer to 400€ – 600€. Other destinations are mostly only reachable with an additional domestic flight. Just like in the USA, most airlines now only offer cheap fares that do not include checked baggage. For checked baggage you should budget an additional 50€ per direction.

Best Time to Travel

Canada is a huge country with many varying climate conditions, but it is safe to say that the winters (November to March) are very cold and snowy in most regions. Summers are relatively mild and partly rainy.

Immigration & Visa Requirements

Most EU citizens do not need a visa for tourist stays of up to 6 months. However, an electronic travel waiver (eTA) must be applied for, similar to the ESTA required for entry into the USA. This costs CA$7 (~€5) and is valid for up to 5 years.


Canada’s national currency is the Canadian Dollar (CAD). One euro is approximately CA$1.47. Many credit cards may charge a foreign currency fee of up to 2% to pay in CAD.

Transfer from Canada to the USA

Canada is located north of the USA and is the only other country apart from Mexico that shares a border with it (2 borders, actually: Alaska borders Canada in the southeast!) At many airports in Canada US immigration is already done before departure, so you arrive in the USA as a “domestic” passenger in the domestic terminal which can potentially save you lots of time since you do not have to stand in line at customs upon arriving. By land the same entry formalities take place as at the airport or by train at the station in Canada. Most EU citizens don’t need a visa and can instead make use of the digital ESTA procedure.

Finding the Best eSIM Plan

We’ve compared various eSIM providers, such as Airalo and Maya Mobile. To see which plan is best for your travel needs, and which network offers the best coverage, feel free to read our detailed guide:

The Best eSIM Plans for Canada 🇨🇦 Compared

→ All Dealz for Canada

Information & Tips for USA

The USA offers many sights, natural wonders and cultural significance. Thanks to numerous airlines offering flights across the Atlantic, it is always pretty inexpensive to get there. Alternatively, you can also cross the Atlantic by boat.

Immigration, ESTA & Visa Requirements

The USA has one of the strictest entry regulations in the world. Most EU citizens, among others, are lucky to be able to participate in the so-called Visa Waiver Program. If you get an electronic entry permit (ESTA)  for approximately €20, you don’t need a visa for entry.

The Best Time to Visit

Due to its sheer size, the perfect time to visit the USA varies greatly from region to region. In winter, Florida is very popular due to the mild temperatures. In the summer the West and East Coasts are flooded by tourists which drives up the prices for hotels and flights and during the Indian Summer in late autumn New England is a very popular destination. The hurricane season between July and September can be dangerous in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida and the southern states are regularly struck by these tropical storms. Blizzards occur from the East Coast to the Midwest during the winter months and regularly put air traffic and public life on hold.

Climate diagram for New York City, New York (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)
Climate diagram for Los Angeles, California (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)
Climate diagram for Miami, Florida (Source: WMO World Weather Information Service)


The US dollar is widely used throughout the world and accepted as a currency in most tourist hotspots worldwide. That being said, carrying cash isn’t necessary in the US, all you need is a credit card! These are very common in the USA and are accepted pretty much everywhere without any issues. If you already have a credit card in your wallet, you should make sure that it does not charge a foreign currency fee if possible. Carrying a few dollars in cash doesn’t hurt though. You might need cash e.g. for the bus ticket if you want to buy it directly from the driver. Most of the time you even have to give exact change.

Finding the Best eSIM Plan

We’ve compared various eSIM providers, such as Knowroaming and Ubigi. To see which plan is best for your travel needs, and which network offers the best coverage, feel free to read our detailed guide:

The Best eSIM Plans for the USA 🇺🇸 Compared

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  1. Matt says:

    Good luck with this airline! Everything is in the name: Play!
    1-They only have 9 aircrafts: if one goes tech, don’t expect any replacement. Forget about any duty of care or being rebooked on another airline the same day: they just ignore EC261 regulation! If you are lucky, they might give you the favor of a rebooking on one of their flight 3 days later… which would for sure ruin your carefully planned weekend in NYC.
    2-Successfully connecting in KEF is subject to the often bad weather encountered there. If you miss your connection, same punishment: no duty of care, limited and super expensive hotel choice in KEF.
    If you are adventurous and have a thick wallet to take care of yourself during irrops, go Play (i should better say gamble) and book there fares!
    Otherwise, just book any other airline and pay a little bit more for peace of mind.

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