United MileagePlus: World Map of Regions for the Excursionist Perk

United Excursionist Perk World Map

While United MileagePlus doesn’t allow stopovers on award tickets, there is another benefit that can prove even more useful: With every round trip award flight (or two one-ways), you can include a third flight for free, as long as it fulfils the following conditions:

  1. The origin and destination of the multi-stop booking are in the same world region
  2. The free flight takes place after the first but before the inbound segment
  3. The free flight lies solely within one region, which must not be the same as the origin of the booking (see 1.)

Currently, the Excursionist Perk doesn’t seem to work with flights to, from, or within China.

In addition to that, there are plenty of other restrictions to take note of. So please have a look at our extensive guide for using the Excursionist Perk.

As you can see, it is inevitable to know about United MileagePlus’ world regions before booking your “free” award flight. Most continents are split into two or more regions, making things a bit more difficult. That’s why we created the following world map:

United MileagePlus world regions

To discover more about the Excursionist Perk, feel free to take a look at the following guide. It also includes plenty of examples showing how to maximize this unique benefit:

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