Wyndham Rewards Status Match: Free Gold & Fast Track Challenge to Platinum and Diamond

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Wyndham Rewards is currently offering a status match to Gold as well as a status challenge to their Platinum and Diamond tier. All you need is an equivalent status with another hotel loyalty program. For Gold, it is even enough to be a mere member of a different program. Since it’s free to sign up for hotel loyalty programs, you basically get Wyndham Gold on top for free when doing so.

Wyndham Rewards is offering a status match & challenge

After completing the match, you have 90 days to keep your status. Within this 90 days, you have to…

  • Complete 1 qualifying night to keep Gold
  • Complete 4 qualifying nights to keep Platinum
  • Complete 10 qualifying nights to keep Diamond

…status until the end of 2024.

Matched Programs

According to the landing page, the following programs can be matched to Wyndham Rewards Gold, Platinum or Diamond:

ProgramStatusMatched to
Marriott BonvoyRewards MemberGold
Silver ElitePlatinum
Gold Elite, Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite, Ambassador EliteDiamond
Hilton HonorsMemberGold
Gold, DiamondDiamond
Choice PrivilegesMemberGold
Gold, PlatinumPlatinum
Best Western RewardsBlueGold
Gold, Platinum, DiamondPlatinum
Diamond SelectDiamond
World of HyattMemberGold
Discoverist, ExploristPlatinum
IHG One RewardsClub MemberGold
Silver Elite, Gold ElitePlatinum
Platinum Elite, Diamond EliteDiamond
Radisson RewardsClubGold
Silver, GoldPlatinum
Omni Select GuestGoldGold
Silver Elite, Gold ElitePlatinum
Platinum Elite, Diamond EliteDiamond

You don’t need to have any status with most programs to get Wyndham Rewards Gold status. Just being a member is enough in most cases.

How to Apply

Time needed: 5 minutes

You can request the status match via this landing page. Once you’ve provided all the necessary data, you’ll be informed if your status match has been approved or not. The Platinum and Diamond tier should be available as a trial for 90 days – if you meet the respective conditions, it will be extended accordingly.

  1. Sign up or log-in to your account

    First, you’ll have to sign up for Wyndham Rewards or log in to your account. Just go to Wyndham’s website and become a member or use your credentials to access your account.

  2. Fill out the form

    Visit the landing page. From there you will be redirected to a special form that you have to fill out. First, you’ll have to specify the program you’re currently holding status with.up1vu1

  3. Enter your current tier and upload documents

    Now you will have to provide some additional information about your current tier and also upload some sort of proof that you really already are a status member. This could be a screenshot of your account that shows you status and membership number from another loyalty program.ej3191

  4. Additional details

    The next step will allow you to enter additional comments. You could mention that you’ve already booked a night at a Wyndham property, thank Wyndham rewards for their consideration, or just leave it blank. Shouldn’t make a big difference. All other fields will be filled out automatically.8c1d61

  5. Wait for feedback

    According to Wyndham, it may take a few days for them to decide upon your request. You should receive an email once your status has been upgraded. But the match may be visible earlier, so just check your account from time to time.

Terms & Conditions

Here are the most important terms & conditions of the Wyndham Rewards status match challenge:

  • You will receive the matched status for 90 days
  • You need a certain number of qualifying nights within those 90 days to keep the status
    • 1 Night for Gold
    • 4 Nights for Platinum
    • 10 Nights for Diamond
  • You will only receive points and benefits for stays booked directly on Wyndham’s website.
  • Applications take 5 to 7 days to be checked.
  • A continuous match from Wyndham Rewards to Caesars Entertainment is not possible.

You can find the full terms & conditions here.


Wyndham Rewards Gold

You usually need five qualifying stays per year to gain or maintain gold status.

  • Preferred Hotline
  • 10% bonus points on stays1
  • Late Check-Out (if available)

Wyndham Rewards Platinum

15 nights per year are necessary to gain Platinum status. It comes with the following benefits:

  • All Wyndham Rewards Gold benefits
  • 15% bonus points on stays1
  • Early Check-In (if available)

Wyndham Rewards Diamond

The highest tier of Wyndham Rewards usually needs 40 nights to reach or keep. Its benefits are pretty reasonable:

  • All Wyndham Rewards Gold and Platinum benefits
  • 20% bonus points on stays1
  • Complimentary upgrades (up to Suites)
  • Welcome amenity at check-in
  • Give Wyndham Rewards Gold to a friend or family member

You can find more detailed information on the benefits of the various status levels here.

1The points bonus only comes to play if you are spending at least $100 per night. Every stay for less would be worth less than 1,000 points and will be rounded up to a 1,000 point credit. Since Wyndham already gave you some points for free in this case, you won’t receive another bonus.

Our Experiences With Wyndham Rewards

Our editor-in-chief is a long time Wyndham Rewards members and able to share some first-hand experiences with you. In his opinion, most Diamond benefits sound good but are rarely available in Wyndham hotels or brands:

“Especially in Europe I am under the impression that most receptionists are not aware their loyalty programs has different tiers and perks. Even in the USA, almost everybody skips the welcome amenity. One time (in New York), I was handed two post cards after asking about it.

Upgrades are only done upon request. Asking about available upgrades is commendable, as I have received a suite upgrade more than a couple of times. In some cases, the hotels are not short of reasons to deny upgrades, even if there are better rooms or suites available (just check the app for same day availabilities). While the early check-in works flawlessly most of the time, this usually is also the case without owning a status.

While Wyndham Rewards offers a good deal of bonus points regularly and has attractive rates for reward nights, it lacks recognition for its upper-tier members. The Diamond status is neat, but does not come with the same acceptance and perks that Hilton or IHG grant for their top tiers.”

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