Travel-Dealz Bot: Use keyword alerts & never miss a deal again


We now have our chatbot in action to notify you whenever we publish a deal that you might be interested in. You can create keyword alerts, for example, Business Class+USA or – and this is highly recommended – for our Breaking Deals.

Our chatbot is available on Telegram and of course free of charge:

In order to set up some keywords, you’ll have to get our bot up and running by saying ‘start‘. The bot will then tell you exactly how to create your personal keyword alerts.


Currently, the bot is still a beta version. If there’s anything that’s not working as expected, please let me know by sending an email to! Of course, your suggestions for improvement are also always welcome!

Here are a few examples of what you can let our bot inform you about:

Tip: An overview of all available keywords can be found here: Keyword directory

  • Breaking+Business Class: You’re not interested in Economy Class flights? Then chose to get information on Business Class flights only.
  • Business Class+USA: Get notified as soon as there’s a deal for Business Class flights to the USA! You can also further refine the alert by entering ‘Business Class+California’.
  • Coupons+Hotels: You won’t miss out on any of our great hotel coupons – guaranteed!
  • Australia: You’re planning a trip to Down Under this year? Then keep track of all the Australia deals we post. Of course, you can also let our bot monitor keywords for your entire travel-bucket list.
  • Flights+Paris: You don’t want to drive for hours just to get a great deal on your next flighs? We’ll let you know whenever there’s a nice offer with departure from your home airport!
  • Summer holidays+USA: Normally, there are no reasonable offers for flights to the USA during the summer holidays. But there are a few exceptions every year. Our Bot won’t let you miss them!

Of course, we will still inform you about regular and breaking deals via our newsletter. But with our chatbot, you’ll get notified way earlier (right after we publish a new deal) about deals that are a perfect fit for you.

Privacy Policy

When developing our chatbot, we focused on the protection of your data. We only store the User ID sent to us by Facebook or Telegram in order to send you messages. Further data, for example, your name, will not be stored permanently. And you can have us delete all your data at any given time! Just tell the bot “forget” and he will immediately delete everything he knows about you.

Why not WhatsApp/Facebook?

Even if WhatsApp/Facebook is more commonly used, we can’t offer the bot for the popular messenger. One reason is that our request for WhatsApp Business API has not been approved yet and even if we got the permission, each message sent would cost us money – about 1 cent per user.

Assuming a similar number of subscribers for our chatbot than we have for our newsletter (which we will still use to inform you about all regular and breaking Dealz on a daily basis), the service would cost us several thousand Euros per month. Since we offer you Travel-Dealz completely free of charge and, e.g., don’t charge a monthly fee, sending you messages via WhatsApp/Facebook wouldn’t pay off financially. Telegram doesn’t charge any fees. That’s why it’s perfect for all of us.

❤️ Open Source

Also, when setting up the Travel-Dealz-Bot, we relied on open source software. This shouldn’t go unmentioned! We use BotMan in cooperation with Laravel. Many thanks to developer Marcel Pociot!


Comments or suggestions for improvement? Please send an email to!